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Paramount+ August 2023 Streaming News

Essentials Plan Pre-Paid Promo $2.50

Paramount+ has added CBS sports NFL games to their streaming programming and using the announcement to offer up new customers a one-year pre-paid pricing plan of $2.50 per month. If you want to get in on this, hit their sign-in sign-up home page on the web Paramount+

Move Over Sunday Ticket

Yet another streaming service is cutting into the all-you-can-eat NFL Sunday game package services. Since Paramount+ hosts CBS content, you can get all the Sunday games televised on CBS through Paramount+.  CBS has televised the AFC games for over twenty years with a few NFC games along the way. The starting package is $5.99. It’s not too bad if you compare it over the course of a full season to Sunday Ticket, but it’s also not great since you don’t get all the games and you’ll need other streaming services if you want to have every televised game at your fingertips.