It’s National Video Games Day! A Ranking Of The Best Video Game Movie Adaptations By Data!

It’s #NationalVideoGamesDay – let’s take a look at the greatest video game movies of all time!

Video games making their way to the big screen haven’t always been the smoothest ride, but things are looking up. From The Super Mario Bros. movie to Gran Turismo, we’re seeing more game-movie adaptations now than ever before, and believe it or not, some of them are turning out surprisingly well.

In light of this, gaming storage experts at have crunched the numbers to arrive at a comprehensive list of the top video game movie adaptations of all time. Rather than another subjective opinion, this research weighs up data using the IMDb scores for both the film and its most relevant game.

For the full list of the 50 top-rated game movies, check out the report here:

Here’s the top 10 best video game movie adaptations, ranked:

A fan of the above film adaptations? Then you might be interested in these too:

Clue may not be the greatest black comedy ever made (2019’s Ready Or Not is a much better example of the genre) but it had one thing that made it unique during its 1985 theatrical release.

Depending on which cinema you attended, you would be shown one of three possible endings. As a bonus fact, a fourth ending was filmed but not included in the finished gimmick.

The film has since gained cult status, and its touch lingers still lingers in films today – such as Rian Johnson’s Knives Out and Glass Onion.

2012’s Battleship was a notorious sinker for both Universal and Hasbro, earning $303 million worldwide against a production budget of $209–220.

At 131 minutes long, Battleship cost approximately $1.6m per minute while disappointing audiences in almost every way – similar to its own (later released) video game version.

Finally, there’s The Lego Batman Movie – is a film built on the success of a game series, based on a toy line, based on an 84-year-old comic.

There’s nothing much more to say about it, except that it’s great and everyone should see it at least once.

Documentaries and ‘inspired by’ films
Tetris is already one of 2023’s best movies, and while it’s not 100% faithful to the facts, it’s an even more engrossing watch when partnered with 2022’s The Tetris Murders.

King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters is a fantastic documentary that’s centered around the world of competitive arcade gaming. It’s rated as an 8.0 by IMDb, and was even rumored to be getting a fictionalized remake starring Johnny Depp.

Atari: Game Over was released in 2014 and documents the excavation of a landfill site where 700,000 Atari 2600 E.T. game cartridges were rumored to be buried.

Indie Game: The Movie is an award-winning documentary following the makers of Super Meat Boy, Fez, and Braid at various stages of their games’ lives.

Pi was Darren Aronofsky’s first film, and while it chiefly focuses on the concepts of mathematics and religion, scenes including the board game Go are used to tie the whole thing together.

Final thoughts
Not one film in our top ten scored higher than its game equivalent, which just goes to show the love that gamers have for these more-interactive adventures.

If our list has inspired you to go back and play these classics, then a Crucial SSD will give you enough storage space for all ten while you await news on the long-awaited Zelda movie!

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