Ever Wonder How Many Ridges Are On A Reese’s Cup?


(PCM) The spirit of Halloween got us thinking about some of our favorite Halloween treats, especially the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and of course that led to us wondering just how many ridges are indeed on a full size Reese’s Cup.

We have reached the conclusion that there are 66 ridges on a full size Reese’s Cup and for good measure we took a look at the famous treat sized Reese’s Cups as well which boast 48 ridges.

All the talk about ridges made us think about other items with ridges that we come into contact with day to day. We wanted to know how many ridges were on items such as U.S. coins!

We learned that a U.S. dime has exactly 118 ridges all the way around and they are referred to as reeds. The original currency in the U.S. was crafted out of gold and silver, so the reeds were put in place to prevent people from attempting to harvest the precious metals by filing off the coins edges. It also made the coins more difficult to counterfeit.

A U.S. Quarter features 119 ridges or reeds while the half dollar coin has 150, the dollar coin has 198 and of course the Susan B. Anthony dollar has 133.

There you have it!  You can thank us for your new found trivia knowledge!


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