Why Did They Remove Lenin’s Brain?

(PCM) Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias Lenin, was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician, and political theorist. He is credited with creation of the Soviet Union and was a feared political figure until this death at the young age of 53 in January of 1924.

Lenin’s cause of death was a series of strokes that began occurring when he was just 50 years old. He was also suffering from various levels of decline in his cognition which is something that is normally seen in much older adults. Lenin was well known for his poignant speeches and near the time of his death it said that he could barely find the words to express himself coherently.

Lenin suffered his first stroke at age 52 which left him disabled, and then the third stroke killed him. It’s extremely rare for this to happen to someone is his early fifties. After his death Lenin’s brain was sliced into 30,000 pieces so that scientists could discover the secrets of his genius.

Lenin’s body was also perfectly preserved and placed on public display shortly after his death, as well. To this very day, Lenin’s body is protected by a glass sarcophagus with a tomb in Russia’s Red Square in Moscow, but upon looking at the body despite being on display for decades, Lenin’s preserved corpse is in remarkable condition, however many do not realize that what is actually missing is his brain, as well as his vital organs. While his brain was kept under strict watch and protection, it should actually be noted that rumor has it that his heart seems to have be misplaced, or stolen, as it has never been recovered.

Lenin’s brain was removed fully intact before embalming was done to preserve his body. It was immediately placed in a formaldehyde solution and no one dared to touch it for nearly two years. According to the Unknown History podcast and the book “When Hilter Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain” by Giles Milton  in 1926, the German neurologist Oskar Vogt was invited to try to unlock the key to Lenin’s supposed genius. Professor Vogt had long argued that there was a direct link between brain structure and intelligence. The professor chopped the brain into four chunks and then had each chunk sliced into 7,500 microscopically thin sections.

Vogt and his team of Soviet scientists spent years studying the slices of brain and trying to make sense of their findings. The results of their scientific tests were eventually set down in fourteen volumes bound in green leather and embossed with a single word: LENIN. However, the work was never published or made publicly available.

It was not until 1993 that Dr Oleg Adrianov, one of the Brain Institute’s most distinguished technicians, was finally allowed to publish a paper on Lenin’s brain. It seems that the shocking secret that was revealed during the extensive study of Lenin’s brain, was that it was really no different that anyone else’s brain. Lenin, had a plain old ordinary brain!



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