Dr. Dawn Ella Shares the Fascinating Creation Process of The New Soul Link App

As we navigate daily stresses, an increasing awareness of the worldwide mental health crisis is rapidly emerging. This is why Dr. Dawn Ella, a complementary medical expert and healer, is taking a new approach to help implement a self-care routine into our everyday lives. Her revolutionary Soul Link App is specially designed to personalize activities to steer users towards the best version of themselves. She knows that as difficulty arises in balancing the multitude of life’s conflicts, finding time to mediate these issues through exercise, relaxation, and other forms of self-care can seem impossible.

The Soul Link App launches on Monday, November 6, complete with a festive and informative party in Naples, Florida, where Dr. Ella and her dedicated colleagues can share even more about the life-altering power of Soul Link, how it can be integrated into everyday living, and the benefits that can be derived from prioritizing yourself in a world that demands constant energy-draining catering to others. 

Q. The mental stresses we face today are undoubtedly caused by an increasingly volatile landscape of social unrest, economic disparity, and climate complications. How does obtaining a more astute awareness of health and well-being mediate these conflicts?

A. Something I became aware of from my near-death experience is that everything is an inside job. Meaning that the transformation starts within. We have boundless opportunities internally. This profound truth is that our internal fragments can hinder our path in life. Imagine your soul as a radiant light often clouded by dark fragments. When this inner light shines, external obstacles emerge in our lives as blockages and disruptions. 

This resolution I discover lies in the wisdom expressed by Einstein, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Transformation is this process of changing energy from one form to another, a profound shift that illuminates the path from darkness to light, from discord to harmony. Working with Soul Link over time transmutes our internal fragments, paving the way for inner peace and boundless potential.


Q. Tell us about early experiences that influenced your interest in complementary, integrative, and alternative medicine.

A. Seventeen years ago, a devastating car accident plunged me into a coma for three days, leaving me bedridden for a year. The head trauma damaged a nerve in my eye, misplacing it and triggering partial amnesia. Doctors waited for the nerve to heal, uncertain about my recovery. Determined not to succumb to disability, I applied insights from my near-death experience to develop a transformative formula, rooted in integrative medicine. This journey led to the birth of our meditation app. Soul Link, born on the other side, encapsulates profound wisdom for inner healing and self-discovery.


Q. Some people may not be familiar with your position as a soul physician and energy healer. How would you describe what you offer to your patients?

A. As a soul physician and energy healer, my approach is profoundly influenced by the deep wisdom acquired during my near-death experience. Through the transformative tools I’ve developed, I guide individuals on a profound healing odyssey. I encourage patients to delve into the intricate landscapes of their souls, transcending limitations and embracing limitless potential. 

 Together, we navigate the subtle whispers of the soul, uncovering the keys to enduring healing and personal evolution. Within Soul Link, a transformative sanctuary, healing transcends mere physical recovery—it becomes a sacred, ongoing journey. Here, patients not only find healing but also unearth the authentic essence of their being and the profound purpose behind their existence on Earth.


Q. Soul Link steers away from traditional meditation apps. What are some of the features that separate Soul Link from the others?

A. Within this app, I’ve curated a unique meditative journey employing the 3 pillars of wellness: sound-healing musical compositions, cinematic earth visuals, and focus-enhancing frequency waves. This formula, which is patent pending in 37 countries, provides a comprehensive meditation platform that goes beyond the ordinary. Notably, my near-death experience allowed me to perceive visually, with my eyes open, and this element is intricately woven into the meditation experience, offering a profound practice even with eyes wide open.

Q. Talk about how you blended your scientific knowledge, your spiritual compass, and your vast awareness of how the physical, mental, and emotional states manifest when creating Soul Link.

A. Blending my scientific knowledge, spiritual insights, and profound awareness of the intricate connections between the physical, mental, and emotional states, I incorporated these aspects into Soul Link’s development. Understanding the brain’s programmable nature, especially during the crucial 0-6 years imprint period in the alpha state of consciousness, revealed the deep-seated patterns influencing our subconscious minds. Soul Link harnesses the power of alpha brainwave frequency, enhancing imagination, visualization, memory, learning, and concentration. 

By immersing users in this state through our sound healing formula, Soul Link facilitates the transmutation of energy based on their chosen descriptions, creating a tailored meditation experience. The innovative bridging technique, learned from a profound experience on the other side, integrates audio, cinematic visuals, and focus-enhanced frequency waves, enabling users to craft personalized meditations in alignment with their present emotions and aspirations. This unique approach, rooted in brain science and spiritual understanding, defines Soul Link as a transformative junction where meditation seamlessly merges with innovation, offering a holistic pathway to inner growth and self-discovery.


Q. One of the key components of Soul Link is its accessibility, being an app that can easily be installed on a smartphone. What are other ways you’d like to bring the ideologies of Soul Link to even wider audiences?

A. Expanding the reach of Soul Link beyond smartphone apps is a paramount goal. While accessibility via smartphones is crucial, we recognize the importance of inclusivity. We aim to collaborate with educational institutions, community centers, and healthcare providers, ensuring Soul Link is accessible to those without smartphones or in regions with limited connectivity. Additionally, we’re exploring partnerships with mental health organizations to integrate Soul Link into therapy programs, making it available to individuals seeking professional support. Workshops, webinars, and online platforms are avenues we’re exploring for sharing Soul Link’s transformative practices, enabling people to access its benefits even without the app. Furthermore, we’re actively translating Soul Link into multiple languages, ensuring cultural inclusivity. By embracing diverse channels, we’re dedicated to making the empowering practices of Soul Link accessible to a global audience, fostering holistic well-being and personal growth for everyone, regardless of their circumstances or location.


Q. How has your work with various non-profits and other wellness organizations shaped your outlook on what we could be doing to inspire wellness across the world?

A. Collaborating with non-profits and wellness organizations has profoundly shaped my perspective on global wellness initiatives. It has illuminated the importance of community-driven efforts, emphasizing that collective action can bring transformative change. Through these collaborations, I’ve witnessed the power of holistic approaches that address mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

This experience reinforced my belief in the need for accessible, evidence-based wellness tools. My interactions with these organizations highlighted the significance of inclusivity, ensuring our initiatives are culturally sensitive and reach diverse populations. Witnessing the impact of community-driven wellness programs fueled my determination to make Soul Link a beacon of accessible, holistic well-being worldwide. By integrating these insights, Soul Link aims not only to inspire but also to actively contribute to fostering wellness across the globe, one mindful breath at a time.


Q. What is your goal for Soul Link going forward, and how do you think it will guide and encourage users to allow time for themselves in the midst of their chaotic lives?

A. My goal for Soul Link is to provide a sanctuary of calm amidst life’s chaos. I envision it as a steadfast companion for users, guiding them to prioritize their well-being and find moments of tranquility in their bustling lives. Soul Link will continue to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge research and innovative techniques to deepen its impact. I aim to encourage users to carve out time for self-care by making meditation accessible and engaging.

Through tailored experiences, Soul Link will adapt to users’ needs, fostering a sense of connection, peace, and resilience. My vision is for Soul Link to be a beacon of light, inspiring users to embark on a transformative journey within themselves, ultimately enriching their lives and the lives of those around them.