Top Ten Early Internet Viral Videos

A Blast from the Past: Top Ten Early Internet Viral Videos

The phenomenon of viral videos is as fascinating as it is complex, encapsulating the human psyche’s response to humor, surprise, emotion, and relatability. These videos spread across the internet with astonishing speed, capturing the attention of millions, and they do so by leveraging a mix of content appeal, psychological hooks, and the dynamics of social networks.

Content Appeal and Emotional Connection At the heart of every viral video is content that strikes a chord with its audience. This could be anything from the raw, candid charm of a laughing baby to the carefully choreographed dance routine that sparks a global trend. Viral content often contains elements that evoke strong emotions, be it laughter, awe, shock, or even outrage. These intense emotional reactions trigger a compulsion to share, as people naturally want to be the conduits of these feelings, spreading joy, excitement, or indignation with their own circles.

Psychological Hooks and Social Currency Viral videos provide viewers with social currency, a valuable commodity in the economy of human interaction. When someone shares a video that is entertaining, informative, or unique, they earn social capital through attention, affirmation, and increased social bonds within their network. This drive to gain social standing through sharing can turn a video into an overnight sensation. Furthermore, the concept of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) can exacerbate this, as individuals share viral content to avoid being left out of the cultural conversation.

The Role of Social Networks and Algorithms The architecture of social media platforms is expertly engineered to facilitate the spread of viral content. Algorithms are designed to detect spikes in engagement, propelling such content to even more feeds creating a feedback loop of sharing and viewing. As people interact with the video—through likes, comments, and shares—the platform’s algorithm further amplifies its reach, sometimes pushing it beyond its initial audience to viral status. These platforms also tailor content to individual preferences, increasing the likelihood of encountering and sharing videos that resonate on a personal level.

Timing and Serendipity There’s also an element of timing and serendipity in the viral video equation. Sometimes, a video’s subject matter coincides with a trending topic or current event, amplifying its relevance and the urgency to share it. In other instances, a video may benefit from a chance shared by a celebrity or influencer, catapulting it into the limelight. While some viral videos result from strategic planning and marketing, many are simply at the right place at the right time, capturing the collective interest of the internet through a confluence of favorable circumstances.

  1. Charlie Bit My Finger (2007) The charm of “Charlie Bit My Finger” lies in its authenticity—a candid moment between siblings that could be happening in any household. The video’s widespread appeal catapulted it into internet stardom, leading to numerous parodies and even NFT discussions in later years.
  2. Evolution of Dance (2006) With each iconic move, Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance” traced the shifting landscape of popular culture through dance. It wasn’t just a hit; it was a time capsule of rhythm and style that resonated across generations, sparking a series of follow-up videos and inspiring countless imitations.
  3. Numa Numa (2004) The infectious enthusiasm of Gary Brolsma in “Numa Numa” showed how joy can be a universal language. Its viral spread underscored the power of music and video to bridge cultural divides, and it remains a beloved reference point for internet historians.
  4. Star Wars Kid (2003) While the “Star Wars Kid” faced personal challenges from the video’s exposure, his improvised performance became emblematic of fan culture’s creativity and passion. It inspired sympathy, the debate about online privacy, and a conversation about cyberbullying, proving that viral content can have profound real-world consequences.
  5. Chocolate Rain (2007) Tay Zonday’s deep voice singing “Chocolate Rain” became synonymous with the unexpected nature of internet fame. The video’s simplistic presentation belied its deeper social commentary, and Tay’s earnest engagement with his newfound audience set a precedent for how creators could interact with viewers.
  6. David After Dentist (2009) The humorous and heartwarming “David After Dentist” highlighted how universal family experiences could become shared moments of joy online. It tapped into a newfound desire for authenticity in media, a theme that has only grown stronger in recent years.
  7. Leeroy Jenkins (2005) The “Leeroy Jenkins” video transcended the gaming community to become a symbol of comedic recklessness. It epitomized the unpredictable nature of multiplayer gaming and became a touchstone for discussions about online coordination and teamwork.
  8. Dramatic Chipmunk (2007) The so-called “Dramatic Chipmunk” captured the internet’s love for anthropomorphic humor. The clip’s theatrical zoom and the creature’s perfectly timed turn to the camera made it ideal for endless remixes and a prime example of how simple content can become universally relatable.
  9. RickRoll – Never Gonna Give You Up (2007) “RickRolling” is a testament to the internet’s ability to breathe new life into pop culture artifacts. The prank became so pervasive that it gave Rick Astley a fresh wave of fame and became a meta-joke about the internet.
  10. Keyboard Cat (2007) “Keyboard Cat” is one of the forerunners of the internet’s obsession with felines. The video’s comedic timing, juxtaposed with the cat’s indifferent demeanor, spawned a trend of ‘playing off’ fails and mishaps in other videos, becoming a go-to for humorous conclusions.

These videos hold a special place in internet culture, reminding us of the era when going viral was organic, spontaneous, and often serendipitous. They represent a period before algorithms dominated content distribution, where shareability was driven purely by human connection and amusement. The legacy of these early viral videos is that they were the precursors of an internet that thrives on community, humor, and a shared sense of what it means to be entertained online.


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