Best Holiday Gifts for Rock Music Fans

Everything on this list embodies the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle

This holiday season, give the gift of rock ‘n’ roll. Our editors put together a list of gifts that embody the rock ‘n’ roll spirit. From fashion to booze and everything in between, anything from this list will make this holiday the most metal time of the year.

BenShot Guitar Pick Glassware

Drink and jam with these guitar pick glasses from BenShot. The line features a pint glass, rocks glass, shot glass, and even a decanter. There’s even a coffee mug for some early mornin’ pickin’. With any of these, you’ll always have a guitar pick handy, and you’ll never forget where you put one after you’ve had a few.

$14.99 – $89.99 [Shop HERE]

Original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom with Bigsby

Walt Grace Vintage in Miami, Florida is a haven for the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. The vintage dealer has an extravagant selection of vintage sports cars, watches, and guitars. This original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom with triple pickups and a factory Bigsby would be an absolute gem in any collection, if you’ve got the cash.

$69,999 [Shop HERE]

Rammstein “Funkenstoss” Fire Torch

German metal titans Rammstein are one of the most explosive live acts on the planet – literally. Stadiums can barely contain all the massive amount of pyro that accompany their visceral performances. Now, diehard fans can attempt to replicate a small amount of that with the “Funkentoss” Fire Torch.

$156.38 USD, $145 EUR [Shop HERE]

CraftShack’s Masters of Rock Gift Box [21+]

Over the years, several artists have gotten into the booze business, with The Rolling Stones most recently jumping back in the game with their new rum. A lot of high profile bands have released their own hooch, and CraftShack has bundled a bunch into a nice gift box that’s currently on sale. The set includes Def Leppard’s Animal Dry Gin, Slipknot’s No. 9 Whiskey, KISS’s Black Diamond Rum, and Metallica’s renowned Blackened Whiskey. Toast to KISS’s retirement from touring, and get ready for Def Leppard, Slipknot, and Metallica to all hit the road next year.

$̶2̶0̶4̶.9̶9̶ $167.99 [Shop HERE]

Transon Poster Tube

Over the last five years or so, concert posters have exploded in popularity. Prints from artists like Tool, Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, and more, sell out in seconds at the merch booth, and re-sell online for hundreds – even thousands – of dollars. So, don’t you dare put a a rubber band around a beautiful foil variant – it’s time to up your poster game. For just $10 more dollars, you can grab a two-pack for your best concert buddy.

$20.99 [Shop HERE]

The Riff by Clocks + Colours

A gorgeous piece of hand-crafted heavy metal, this guitar pick necklace not only looks badass, but also serves a purpose. Much like the BenShot glassware above, The Riff holds an actual guitar pick, so you can jam any time, anywhere. Made of sterling silver, the piece will add some serious flare to you style. Clocks + Colours are deeply routed in rock ‘n’ roll. In addition to The Riff, the brand has collaborated on pieces with Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Memphis May Fire, blink-182’s Travis Barker, Fender, and most recently, Lamb of God.

Clocks and Colours Riff guitar pick necklace

$230 [Shop HERE]

Marshall Stanmore III Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker really needs no introduction. The Marshall name is synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll. For decades, their amplifiers have echoed some of the most iconic riffs in music history. Now, you can bring that arena rock sound to your living room with the Stanmore III Speaker.

$379.99 [Shop HERE]

Miniature Leather Jacket Keychain from Straight to Hell

Made with the same genuine leather that the folks at Straight to Hell use to make their life-sized leather jackets, this is a pretty cool way to carry your keys around.

$25.00 [Shop HERE]

Rock & Metal Cassette Tape Tumbler

A great Etsy find, these tumblers are made to look like stacks of old rock and metal tapes. The shop – CrazyGoodCups – has a ton of different configurations, so you’re sure to find a combination that suites your specific tastes. Made of high quality stainless steel, there’s also some band-specific tumblers as well.

$̶3̶3̶.0̶0̶ $18.15 [Shop HERE]

The Death Clock III from Nixon & Liquid Death

World-renowned watch makers Nixon have linked up again with canned water distributers Liquid Death to create the most metal watch ever made. 

Following the Death Clock II, the third collaboration between the two brands is as stylish as it is hellish. From a distance, the classic timekeeper looks like it could adorn a wrist at any average cocktail party. Upon closer inspection, the face could be the cover of Slayer’s comeback album. The blacked out stainless steel band is accented devilishly by a melting Liquid Death skull and a pair of executioner axes for the hands, with the hour hand distinguished by blood spatter that looks like it just completed the task it was designed to do.

According to Liquid Death – each of the gold links in its band are hand-assembled by fairtrade demons who were raised exclusively on a diet of black acorns. And the golden axes to represent the hours and minutes were forged in a river of blood deep inside the Glorgoroth Mountains.

$225 [Shop HERE]

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