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March 2024 DC Studios News

Here’s the latest rundown of everything DC Studios is working on!

Jake Gyllenhaal Throws His Hat In The Ring For Batman

Wednesday 03/20/2024  — Jake Gyllenhaal wants to be Batman. So Pop Culture Press has created a render of him as Batman in the Batcave near the Batmobile. He has the rugged, chiseled face for Batman. Can you imagine his voice though? 

Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman Unmasked in the Batcave
Jake Gyllenhaal steps into the role of Batman, unmasked in the iconic Batcave, poised before the Batmobile. A photorealistic glimpse into the DC Universe’s future.


February 2024 DC Studios News

The Penguin Looks Quality in Behind The Scenes Footage

Tuesday 02/06/2024   — Collin Farrell doesn’t seem to regret all the make-up yet after committing to a full season of wearing it. He’s looking good and in good spirits in some really good behind the scenes photos on the set of the DC Elseworlds Max Original, The Penguin



Recent Supergirl Casting Already Making News

Thursday | 02/01/2024  — Self-proclaimed Superman nut and film producer Matthew Vaughn has weighed in on Gunn’s announcement of casting Milly Alcock as Supergirl. “I’m a huge fan of Milly Alcock. Huge fan. — Met with her for this other project we’re working on — she turned me down, which was sad. She’s a fabulous actress. Then again, I do find it very weird that they haven’t got a director. That surprised me, because you shouldn’t cast a movie — the director should be casting the movie. I don’t understand who cast it if there isn’t a director.”  – Source Variety

Gunn, may answer through his usual social media outlet, X, but we at Pop Culture Press already know the answer as to why Supergirl was cast by DC Studios and not a director. It’s simple. James Gunn has stated Supergirl will be in Superman: Legacy which comes out before Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. She was cast by the director. Of Superman: Legacy, James Gunn. 


January 2024 DC Studios News

DCU’s New Supergirl

Tuesday 01/30/2024  — If it seems unusual for Supergirl to be cast with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow set for release well after Superman: Legacy, the answer is she’s set to appear in Superman: Legacy. Word is Milly Alcock may have come out on top in recent screen testing for the role of Superman’s cousin. Hollywood Reporter is stating they confirmed the coveted role of Kara Zor-El now belongs to Game of Thrones star, Milly Alcock after screen testing against the likes of Meg Donnelly.  It’s not entirely clear if the studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran made the final judgement. What’s certain is Gunn confirms the casting. 

“This is accurate. Milly is a fantastically talented young actor, and I’m incredibly excited about her being a part of the DCU. Yes, I first became aware of her in House of the Dragon but I was blown away by her varied auditions and screen tests for #Supergirl. She embodies Kara as envisioned by @tomking_tk, @bilquis and Ana Nogueira.” ―James Gunn Source: X

Milly Alcock Supergirl DCU Woman of Tomorrow
Milly Alcock Soars as the New Supergirl in the DCU’s Upcoming ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

It’s also rumored that her character will be in a couple of other DC features like Superman: Legacy. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow may start filming on fall of 2024 on the heals of Superman: Legacy. Kara Zor-el, a teenager from Krypton, finds herself on Earth after her planet’s demise, embodying the ultimate new girl with extraordinary powers. Struggling with her identity in this unfamiliar world, she possesses all of Superman’s abilities, from superhuman strength and speed to flight and enhanced senses. Despite her immense power, her lack of experience and self-restraint makes her potentially more dangerous than her cousin, Superman. However, her efforts to control her powers and her numerous acts of heroism have earned her a respected place among Earth’s heroes, proving her worth and gaining the trust of her new home.

Here’s Why Creature Commandos Will Be DCU’s Inaugural Release

Sunday01/28/2024  — It’s the the anchor to the Detective Comics movie Universe. Everything that comes after is dependent on this foundational element. It will be the glue that holds it all together with easter eggs and foreshadowing throughout the eight episode run. 

Actually it’s none of that. In fact, it’s actually a bit of a let down and telling as to why it’s first. And after six months since announcing Creature Commandos will be DCU’s first release in the new DC Universe, we finally got the answer after a fan posed the question on X to James Gunn. 



Superman: Legacy Trailer Announced

Wednesday01/03/2024  — Let’s not make you wait for this, James Gunn has confirmed that after WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes delayed Superman: Legacy filming until March 2024, we shouldn’t expect a trailer until at least January of 2024.

James Gunn confirms no Superman: Legacy Trailer until 2025

Superman: Legacy has a intended release date of July 11, 2025 featuring Nicholas Hoult , Rachel Brosnahan , Skyler Gisondo and David Corenswet as Superman. As the title suggests this latest Supes film will be an introspective heroes journey with his lifelong adversary Lex Luthor portrayed by Nicholas Hoult.