2024 Marvel Cinematic Universe News

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April 2024 Marvel Studios News

Fake Deadpool III Trailer, News, and Who Knows What Else

Tuesday | 04/16/2024  — There’s always a silver lining to bad news they say. So many spoilers have been blowing around about Deadpool III that in some way, all the fake news and trailers are confusing enough to help anyone hoping they don’t know too much come it’s release — well… Pop Culture Madness (Pop Culture Press’s parent) is glad to assist. Try on these fake critical endorsements. 

If this isn’t enough. Consider this gem that’s been floating around on YouTube.

March 2024 Marvel Studios News

Florence Pugh Shows off Backstage of Thunderbolts 

Friday | 03/28/2024  — Want to see what Thunderbolts’ suit looks like? How about a cryptic tour of the Thunderbolts set in Atlanta? Florence Pugh gives a little selfie tour that has gone out over the Marvel account on X. Check it out below.

February 2024 Marvel Studios News

MCU’s World War Hulk Will Be Another Civil War

Wednesday | 03/20/2024  by Lars Hindsley — There’s rumors going around that Marvel is going ahead with a Hulk movie by wrapping the title inside an Avengers title. To understand this a bit. Let’s back up.

Hulk on Throne for Avengers World War Hulk Movie Announcement
Hulk reigns supreme in the rumored Avengers: World War Hulk movie adaptation by Marvel Studios.

By now most know that Marvel gained rights to almost it’s entire cast of characters for film through the Disney buyout of Fox. One important character remains orphaned by technicality. Universal still holds the rights to any solo Hulk film. But Disney and Marvel Studios have found a way around that. Just don’t make a tile claiming Hulk as the main character — even if he is.

Since joining the Avengers in 2012, we’ve seen a lot of Hulk while true believers have been curious if Marvel Studios can pull off a World War Hulk.  Marvel has taken many liberties with canon and storylines from heritage comic releases. Some good, most not so good. Civil War comes to mind. It evaded many important plot points such as Spider-Man unmasking for Tony Stark, while also leaving out many important subplots such as Punisher let alone the entire mutant storyline. Why mention Civil War when discussing a Hulk movie? World War Hulk has many components that Marvel has not established in the same way Marvel’s MCU didn’t — couldn’t include the X-Men in their Civil War saga.  To this end alone, it’s most likely going to be a pale attempt rather than a intricate story.

It appears Avenger’s World War Hulk will be in name only, with little resemblance to the title other than the setting and plot. The premise to which Hulk will arrive off-planet again and the political components — will be …alien to what true believers would expect. 


Charlie Cox Answers Daredevil Question 

Thursday | 03/14/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Marvel and Disney+ star Charlie Cox was asked a fan question AwesomeCon in Washington DC in March of 2024 regarding the return of Karen Page and Foggy Nelson. Here’s his answer below: 


“Aw it’s so cool, man. So cool. Yeah, it was pretty heartbreaking when they weren’t around initially. When we came back to filming and they had made some changes, which you guys obviously probably read about and stuff, you know, it was clear that Foggy and Karen are kind of the heartbeat of our show. They always were. So [it feels] really special to have them back. Huge shout out to Deborah and to Elden. I know there’s been photos, there were some set photos that came out, so I know I can talk about it because it’s on the internet. But it was really sweet to have some scenes together again.


MCU Cast & Release Date Announced for Fantastic Four

Wednesday | 02/14/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Marvel fans are feeling the love this Valentine’s Day 2024. The Fantastic Four is set for release July 25, 2025 featuring: Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm (aka the Thing) – Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) – Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman) – Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) 

From Left to Right: Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm (aka the Thing) - Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) - Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman) - Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic)
From Left to Right: Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm (aka the Thing) – Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) – Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman) – Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic)

After an early day press announcement of the new first family of the MCU, they followed up with an X announcement image of the actors in what seems a homage to the 1960s costumes the characters first wore. 


Daredevil: Born Again Behind the Scenes — Josie’s Hell’s Kitchen – New Suit – Bullseye

Tuesday | 02/06/2024  by Lars Hindsley — It’s been a busy week with behind the scenes photos from the Daredevil set and it’s only Tuesday!  This latest features Matt Murdock in his usual haunt in Hell’s Kitchen. Unless you know Frank Miller’s 1986 backstory of Daredevil: Born Again, this behind the scenes photo of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock wouldn’t mean that much. If you are familiar with the story, it seems to align with Karen Page’s limited episode appearances. 

It’s not known with any certainty if Disney+ has warped the original Daredevil: Born Again storyline of Kingpin’s psychological war on Daredevil. If the original story elements hold true, it’s not good for Matt Murdock and even worse for Karen Page.  It’s worth emphasizing, it goes horribly bad for Matt Murdock. 

Next is the new suit. It’s red! More of it!

Finally, there’s Bullseye. He’s now suited up too, and not the Daredevil impersonation suit, but something that has some semblance to his comic book attire. 

Daredevil: Born Again behind the scenes on the set with Wilson Bethel suited up as Bullseye



Daredevil: Born Again Behind the Scenes — Kingpin & Matt Murdock

Monday02/05/2024  by Lars Hindsley — It almost makes you think “What if…”  Daredevil and Kingpin were allies? It’s a fun look at Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox behind the scenes as they shoot season four… ahem — Daredevil: Born Again on the streets of Manhattan. 



January 2024 Marvel Studios News

Phase Five. Movies. TV. All the nuance. All year. 

Deadpool Teaser Drops Ahead of Superbowl Trailer for Deadpool III

Monday01/29/2024  by Lars Hindsley — It’s not major news but for those hanging on every small morsel of Deadpool news, this is worth checking out. 


Fans See Disney+ Daredevil: Born Again Becoming Netflix Daredevil Season Four

Friday01/26/2024  by Lars Hindsley — The original Netflix series set a high standard for gritty, street-level superhero storytelling, setting a new standard of what audiences expect from such narratives. The showrunners of the various Marvel Netflix series crafted a compelling, dark world that deeply explored the moral complexities of its characters, raising expectations for superhero shows on streaming platforms.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, recognizing the need to match or exceed this level of storytelling on Disney+, intervened after early dailies suggested the new Daredevil: Born Again series was leaning too heavily into legal procedural territory. This led to a significant shift in production, with a new team brought in to ensure the series would continue the intense, character-driven storytelling that fans had come to appreciate.

This overhaul included bringing back beloved characters like Karen Page and Foggy Nelson, played by Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, respectively. Their return, alongside the reintroduction of Wilson Bethel as Bullseye, indicates a strong desire to maintain continuity with the Netflix series’ narrative threads and character dynamics. The inclusion of Bullseye is particularly noteworthy, as Daredevil Season 3 left his story on a cliffhanger, making his character’s return a critical link to the previous series.

Timeline and Development Challenges

The journey to bring “Daredevil: Born Again” to screens has been fraught with challenges and creative pivots. Initially part of Netflix’s Marvel universe, Daredevil’s transition to the MCU was confirmed with Charlie Cox’s cameo in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” setting the stage for a more integrated narrative approach. However, the series faced significant hurdles:

  • Early 2023: Initial production began but was met with creative dissatisfaction from Marvel Studios.
  • September 2023: A major overhaul was announced, scrapping the original footage and direction.
  • Post-WGA Strike 2023: The series underwent a creative reset, with new showrunner Dario Scardapane leading the charge and a renewed focus on aligning the show with MCU canon, including the return of key characters from the Netflix series.
  • Early January 2024: New production team brings back Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and Elden Henson to reprise Foggy Nelson. 
  • Late January 2024:  Netflix Season Three cliff-hanger’s Wilson Bethel as Bullseye back on board. Word is he’ll appear in four episodes. 

While Daredevil: Born Again shares its name with the iconic comic book run, the direction of the show, coupled with the return of key characters and actors from the Netflix series, suggests it serves as a spiritual successor or even a de facto Season 4. This approach has been met with enthusiasm from fans, who view it not as a departure but as a continuation of the story they have been deeply invested in, without any notable disappointment.

  • Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
  • Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page
  • Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson
  • Wilson Bethel as Benjamin Poindexter/Bullseye
  • Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher

Production Team and Creative Vision

Wednesday01/24/2024  by Lars Hindsley — The creative overhaul of Daredevil: Born Again brought significant changes to its production team. Dario Scardapane, known for his work on The Punisher, stepped in as showrunner, promising a tonal and narrative alignment more closely tied to the MCU’s current direction. The involvement of directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, celebrated for their work on Moon Knight and Loki, signals a commitment to high-quality, visually compelling storytelling that respects the source material while pushing creative boundaries.

Daredevil in Hell's Kitchen, New York City backdrop, for Disney Plus series 'Daredevil: Born Again', inspired by Frank Miller's classic.
Marvel’s Daredevil Returns: The Dark and Mysterious Streets of Hell’s Kitchen in ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ on Disney Plus

Marvel Studios’ decision to reboot Daredevil within the MCU’s Phase Five reflects a strategic blending of mature, complex storytelling with the expansive superhero narratives that fans have come to love. As Daredevil: Born Again prepares to make its mark, it stands as a testament to Marvel’s evolving narrative ambitions, promising a series that not only honors its gritty, street-level roots but also expands the MCU in thrilling new directions.

Integration into Marvel’s Phase Five

Marvel’s Phase Five has been ambitiously expanding the MCU’s boundaries, both in terms of storytelling and integrating previously standalone properties. Daredevil: Born Again is a prime example of this effort. After the character’s successful reintroduction in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the decision to reboot the Daredevil series for Disney+ signifies Marvel’s commitment to weaving the rich tapestry of Netflix’s Marvel universe into the broader MCU narrative. This series is not just a revival but a strategic move to enrich the MCU with more nuanced, adult-themed content, as evidenced by the willingness to explore TV-MA ratings with other series like Echo.

Deadpool III Set Photos January 2024

Sunday01/21/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Deadpool and Wolverine in his yellow suit have been all over the Internet. The latest now include not only Wolverine, but Deadpool Wade Wilson stand-in with Ryan Reynolds portraying a Deadpool variant — along with none other than Dogpool! These are all outdoor shots. 

Deadpool III set photos with Wolverine in yellow suit, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool variant, and Dogpool, featuring outdoor shots with camera crane
Behind the Scenes of Deadpool III: Dynamic Wolverine, Deadpool Variants, and Dogpool in Action.

Rumors are even swelling that Ghost Rider will make an appearance in Deadpool III. The usually active X account @VancityReynolds has been quiet for months since Ryan has spoken out about spoiler set photos. So if you are here looking at these pics. You’re as guilty as we are. 

Deadpool III set photos with Wolverine in yellow suit, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool variant, and Dogpool, featuring outdoor shots with camera crane.
Action Unleashed: Capturing the Essence of Deadpool III with Wolverine, Deadpool Variants, and the Adventurous Dogpool on Set.

Bob Iger Gives Deadpool A Thumbs Up

Monday01/08/2024  by Lars Hindsley — If you haven’t noticed, only one Marvel movie is being released in 2024. Bob Iger had also been shaking things up at Marvel by stating too many Marvel films were made without artistic reason. The Marvels bombed in his opinion because no studio heads were on set or even involved. He’s not been shy about pushing anything back and even Kevin Feige has towed the line by firing the Daredevil staff in late 2023 and hiring on the old Netflix Daredevil writers to completely overhaul the 18 episode series. The latest word is that because Deadpool is remaining untouched in terms of it’s July 26, 2024 release date, the script and story are considered to be a winner for the audience and fans alike. 

Wolverine and Deadpool standing side by side on a destroyed city street at night, reminiscent of an 80's buddy cop movie, Wolverine's face bloodied.
A Gritty Partnership: Wolverine and Deadpool in a Bloodied Standoff on a Ravaged City Street. Of course none of this is real.

The Merc with a mouth’s popularity soared with the release of the “Deadpool” movie in 2016, where he was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds. The film was notable for its R-rating, which allowed it to stay true to the character’s violent and humorous nature. It’s a huge question mark if the franchise character will remain true due to the highly socio-political nature of Disney’s gen-z staff influence.  Will Deadpool continue to parody other superheroes in his unique satirical vulgar manner? Will he no longer mock other characters in the Marvel Universe?

Secret Wars Update

Saturday01/06/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Secret Wars I and II is pointing more and more to a combo of both 1985 and 2015 Secret Wars events. Not only events but major character conflicts. It appears Dr. Doom and the Beyonder may be the driving force behind the X-Men being brought into the MCU while keeping all of their original lore as canon in both the Fox Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Doom fighting the Beyonder with explosive light effects in space, Secret Wars, Marvel Comics
An Intense Space Battle: Doctor Doom’s Power Struggle with the Beyonder in Marvel’s Secret Wars.

Word is Kevin Feige even wants to add some of the other characters from other film realms too — think first family of Marvel… The Fantastic Four. Can you see it? Who played the Human Torch and Captain America? 

Avengers Insider News

January 2, 2024   — by Lars Hindsley
It’s a new year and a lot is breaking. Jonathan Majors is clearly bumped from the big baddy role of Kang (for now), and word is Avengers Kang Dynasty is being supplanted by Avengers Secret Wars. Will it be the original heroes vs. villians on Battleworld in the 1984 12 issue run of Secret Wars that brought us Spider-Man’s black suit (Secret Wars #8) or the 2015 incursion that lead to another Battleworld to retcon and fold 616 and the Ultimate 160 into one?

Marvel Studios news on Phase 5 Avengers Secret Wars
Marvel Studios news on Phase 5 Avengers Secret Wars

What we can confirm is that the story will require over five hours causing another two part story finale similar to 2018’s End Game. The real question is will anyone care this time around? Marvel has made so many mistakes post End Game that few people find any of the new characters they’ve introduced to be worth any emotional investment.