Iron Savior Release New Single “Raising Hell”

The power metal legends released their latest full-length album just last fall

Iron Savior [Courtesy]

Power metal legends Iron Savior are back with a brand new single, “Raising Hell.” The track is the German quartet’s first new piece of material since the release of their 2023 album, Firestar, through AFM Records. Stream the all-new “Raising Hell” below now.

The band’s latest album, Firestar, features a wide range of influences from hard rock to pop, all calibrated to heavy metal trademark the band is known and loved for. But sometimes pure coincidence or seemingly inconspicuous little details can turn a very good album into an outstanding release. In the case of Firestar, it has come as a real surprise even for Sielck that the new songs surpass the material of the impressive 2020-album Skycrest.

In fact, the cornerstones of the current offering were already set and pointed to a successful production within the tried and tested framework, when all of a sudden everything turned out rather differently.

“Just before the recordings were finalised, I was inspired by the muse, totally of the blue. I wrote two more songs out of nowhere and changed a third one on the spur of the moment. And suddenly, ‘Firestar’ turned into an even better record,” frontman Piet Sielck recently said, admitting that this unexpected creative surge “triggered great emotions” in him. 

Iron Savior have again come up with an exceptional studio album in Firestar, enhanced by Felipe Machado Franco’s impressive cover artwork. The cherry on the cake is the powerful production courtesy of Hamburg’s Powerhouse Studio, including intelligently positioned keyboard parts and the anthemic background choirs, supported by Sielck’s 17-year-old daughter Frida and her boyfriend. As international press critics and increasing numbers have proved, Firestar turned into a bonfire in many respects.

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