Alien Eggs Or Art? Debate Has Been Debunked!


(PCM) A Brigham Young University student named Claire Lewis  sparked a huge debate among conspiracy theorists after her assignment art project was speculated to be eggs laid on a Utah lake by an alien creature. The curiosity about the mysterious objects sparked national attention and people even began filming videos of the mysterious objects which have surpassed over 2 million views and counting on YouTube.

People obviously didn’t do any further research because as it turns out, the “alleged” alien eggs are really nothing more than small fist-fulls of baked salt dough that Lewis placed on the surface of the icy lake, creating a mystical-looking geometric pattern. She erased all traces of her footprints around the design and when she returned the next day she discovered hundreds of footprints surrounding the design. According to her mother, Ann Laemmlen Lewis’s blog, her daughter felt it better to leave no explanation and allow people to wonder just what these mysterious objects actually were.

Claire commented on the phenomenon, as she had no idea that people were actually still speculating about her project and still believing that alien eggs were actually laid on a Utah lake saying:

I found this video of an art project I did 2 years ago on the frozen Utah Lake. This video has over 1.7 views because people think they are ALIEN EGGS! It was an installation piece I did for my BYU New Genre class. The assignment was to use “body residue” and repetition. The shapes are made from the print of the inside of my closed fist if that makes sense. I used a flour+salt+water dough, and then baked the shapes, then Laura Varella and I set it up in this geometric pattern on the lake. I had to have a creative way to record my audience, so we walked out to an area of the frozen surface of the lake where there had been no footprints yet, set it up, then “erased” our footprints with our snow shovel when we left. When we came back the next day (probably the same day this video was taken), we found that the little sculptures had melted themselves into the ice because of the salt!!!

I spent 20 minutes and found over 50 different websites talking about what possible theories there are for this mysterious find…HAHA.

So there you have it conspiracy lovers, unfortunately there are no alien eggs in Utah!

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