Woman Allegedly Captured a Ghost Photo While Visiting The Lizzie Borden House


(PCM) Painter Joanne Parent had quite the unnerving encounter while visit the infamous Lizzie Borden house bed & breakfast in Falls River, Massachusetts. It appears that while Parent was snapping photographs in the room that belonged to Abby Borden, she may have captured a bit more than she bargained for!

When looking through her photographs from that day, Parent was shocked to discover what appears to be a ghostly figure wearing a hood of some sort in the reflection of a mirror that is in the room. Parent claims that she had an uneasy feeling about Abby’s room that day, so much so that she did not even go inside the room, but only stuck her arm around the corner with the camera and fired off a few quick shots.

For those that may not be familiar with the Lizzie Borden story, Lizzie was accused of viciously murdering her father Andrew and stepmother Abby with an axe. The case gained quite a bit of national attention and Lizzie was eventually acquitted for the crime. Many people still believed she was the person responsible for the gruesome murders and to this day the case continues to fascinate fans of both horror and the macabre.

Someone even created a nursery rhyme about the case:

Lizzie Borden took an axe
She gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.
Lizzie Borden got away
For her crime she did not pay.

Parent posted her images online for comparison and found that the ghost-like figure actually appears in more than one shot. There is also a black bar, which is the reflection of a vent that appears in some shots but not in others which makes this all the more bizarre.

Co-owner of the Lizzie Borden house bed & breakfast claims this is not the first time that people have spotted an odd object reflected in one of the mirrors or had an unexplained experience happen on the  property she says “Depending on how you’re standing, you won’t see any anomalies in the mirror unless you take the picture from an angle. We’ve had plenty of pictures that were taken several years ago that can’t be explained, however, by a gentlemen by the name of Glenn Teza, a psychic and spiritual healing teacher from New Jersey. His photos show a mist figure and were taken with Instant Polaroid film and there is absolutely no way to mess with that film.”

What do you think? Do Parent’s image show the ghost of Abby Borden or is there a more logical explanation? Either way the images are going viral and there has once again been a renewed interest for those brave enough for an overnight stay in the Lizzie Borden house.

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