Apple TV+ Streaming News and May 2024 New Releases

Apple TV+ May 2024 New Releases


  • Acapulco (Season 3)


  • Dark Matter
  • Hollywood Con Queen

MAY 17

  • The Big Cigar

MAY 22

  • Trying (Season 4)


Apple TV+ Streaming News: April 2024

Alternative History Renews With Alternative

Friday | 04/19/2024   —Fan’s of For All Mankind are in for a treat. It’s not only been renewed, it’s has been greenlit for a spin-off. Where For All Mankind is centered on the US perspective of the space race, the spin-off will take on the Russian Soviet POV. 


Hundreds of Beavers Will Cost You Extra

Wednesday | 04/17/2024   — One film that’s catching a lot of buzz is Hundreds of Beavers. Mind you, there’s a bit of nuance here. The film is low budget. Black and White. Silent. And it’s a slapstick reminiscent of 1920s style. Oh… and we should mention it has hundreds of beavers — err actually what may in fact be 100’s of grown men dressed in beaver suits. We’ll stop there because there is more. You’ll want to see this. It’s a must.

The good news is you can get it on Apple TV+ this month (April) on the 15th. The bad news isn’t so bad because frankly, it’s worth it. That not so bad news is Hundreds of Beavers will cost extra at the iTunes store. 

HD Rental SD Rental are both $5.99. Purchase at HD is $19.99 or SD at $14.99. If you have Prime Video, you may want to go that route instead for purchase at HD quality for less. It’s $16.98. Rental is better with Apple as Prime Video charges $6.99 for rental and it’s only for 30 days.