Bayley and Paul “Triple H” Levesque Answer Our Questions At The Wrestlemania 40 Night Two Press Conference

Last night, after Wrestlemania 40 night two in Philadelphia, PA WWE held a post-show press conference at Lincoln Financial Field. Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque along with champions Damien Priest, Bayley, and Cody Rhodes were on-hand answer questions and discuss the night of amazing matches.

When speaking to Bayley about her Wrestlemania 40 victory over Iyo Sky to secure the Women’s Championship we asked her, with this win, not only for you, but that it was a win for the fans as well? Especially fans that are super happy to see women coming to the forefront in the WWE as well!

She replied, “It really does feel like that! They have come along this new era with us…like they wanted the change so much. I felt the change as soon as I came back from my injury…the first time at Summer Slam in that locker room…I felt that it was different and that was just being in Hunter’s presence and I felt like everyone was excited for the future and had hope and I think the fans have been feeling that too and it’s almost like you guys are doing this with us! You know, coming along on this ride and even though there are disappointments and bumps, not everything can be perfect, but that is part of the journey and part of the story.

You talk about women’s wrestling and everything and this girl right here [points to her t-shirt picturing Jada Spark] Jada Spark is going to freak out that I’m wearing this right now…this girl used to wait out where we would park the cars and wait for everyone to pull out and she would have custom shoes drawn when we were tag team champions and she would wait out each and every time no matter what city that was and now she’s wrestling on the indies and she’s making a name for herself. One time I saw her as an extra and I’m like ‘this is nuts!’ that used to me, so it’s just so real….surreal and so real!”

Talking Paul “Triple H” Levesque we asked him the following…the word innovation has been tossed around so much this weekend and we saw a lot of it with this Wrestlemania, so can you talk about or tease what more innovation we are going to see in the future?

He says, “Thanks for the question…and one…thanks for noticing! Yeah, we are just trying new stuff and seeing what works and what doesn’t. So, for the stuff that doesn’t work.. hey…we just won’t do that one again and the stuff that works amazing…let’s not run it into the ground…but let’s do some cool stuff. We are trying new and different things…new camera angles, we’re trying different shots…you know what we are doing….having a sh*t-ton of fun…right? We talk about it all the time…and the ideas are just coming from everywhere now and it’s amazing to me to go on the floor in the afternoon and have people that I’ve never heard say, ‘hey, how about we try this?’ and I’m like alright let’s try it and see where it goes, so I love having that and the ideas collaborating. I would rather have all of the ideas than a few of them. Then pick the ones we want and run with them. So, they are coming from everywhere now and we are collaborating with everybody and to me that’s going to make this special and as far as innovation goes I don’t even thing we have scratched the surface yet on the stuff we are going to come out with in a year or so….and its going to be a lot of fun and as The Rock would say ‘Just Enjoy The Ride!”

You can watch the entire Wrestlemania 40 Night Two post-show press conference below:

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