Review: ‘Doctor Who’ On Disney+

The latest iteration of “Doctor Who” has made a grand entrance on Disney+, marking a new era for the beloved series with Ncuti Gatwa taking on the mantle of the Time Lord. This season stands out not only for its historic casting but also for the fresh and joyous energy it brings to the screen. Gatwa’s portrayal is both groundbreaking and charismatic, infusing the character with a new layer of complexity and charm. The show’s narrative continues to be a whimsical blend of science fiction and drama, with the first episode, “Space Babies,” setting a high bar for the season. It introduces us to Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, whose chemistry with the Doctor is instantly palpable, promising a dynamic and engaging partnership.

The season opener wastes no time in thrusting viewers into the action, with the Tardis landing in the age of dinosaurs, followed by a leap to a 22nd-century space station. These settings are not just backdrops but are integral to the story’s exploration of themes such as identity and societal responsibilities. The show’s willingness to tackle complex issues while maintaining its adventurous spirit is commendable. Russell T Davies’ return as showrunner has been a boon, his vision for the series evident in the callbacks to previous iterations, all while steering the show in a bold new direction.

The production values have seen a significant boost, thanks to the Disney partnership, allowing for a more expansive and visually stunning universe. This enhancement is not just cosmetic; it enriches the storytelling, allowing for a more immersive experience. The updated Tardis interior and the redesigned sonic screwdriver, complete with a Rwandan proverb, are thoughtful touches that pay homage to Gatwa’s heritage and the show’s legacy.

We praise the series for its balance of nostalgia and innovation. The episodes featuring the Beatles and the Bogeyman are highlighted as examples of the show’s ability to blend historical figures with fictional adventures seamlessly. The inclusion of Jinkx Monsoon as the Maestro adds a delightful twist, showcasing the series’ commitment to diversity and representation.

In conclusion, the new “Doctor Who” series on Disney+ is a triumph of storytelling and character development. It respects the show’s rich history while boldly charting a course for the future, ensuring that both longtime fans and newcomers will find something to cherish. With its blend of heart, humor, and high-stakes adventure, this season is a testament to the enduring appeal of “Doctor Who” and its capacity to evolve with the times.

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