Review + Photos: The Black Crowes Wrap Up U.S. Leg of Happiness Bastards Tour at The Met in Philly

The Black Crowes live The Met Philly 2024 [Credit: Matt Bishop]

The band is back with a brand new record and a serious back catalog of big hits

The Black Crowes live The Met Philly 2024 [Credit: Matt Bishop]
The Black Crowes [Matt Bishop/The Rock Revival]

With over three decades under their belt, storied rockers The Black Crowes are back with their first all-new album in 15 years. Released back in March through the band’s own label, Silver Arrow Records, the band’s tenth studio effort was helmed by  GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Jay Joyce. After touring relentlessly in celebration of their seminal debut Shake Your Money Maker, The Black Crowes are finally back on the road pushing a brand new record.

Happiness Bastards is our love letter to rock n’ roll,” The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson stated when the record was announced. “Rich and I are always writing and creating music; that has never stopped for us, and it is always where we find harmony together.” 

Guitarist Rich Robinson elaborated, “This record represents that. This album is a continuation of our story as a band. Our years of experience writing and making music and touring the world are represented in this record, and we were brilliantly guided by one of the best producers in the business, Jay Joyce. I am incredibly proud of what we put together.”

Last night at The Met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Black Crowes wrapped up the U.S. leg of their Happiness Bastards World Tour. Before they head across the pond for a trek across Europe and the UK, the band treated their Philly faithful to a hefty 17-song set comprised of big hits, fan favorites, and a whole lot of their latest, Happiness Bastards.

Back in 2021, Dirty Honey served as a special guests for The Crowes on their Shake Your Money Maker 30th Anniversary Tour. The bill made perfect sense, with Dirty Honey’s stylings very much mirroring that of the longtime veterans they were opening for. This time around, The Black Crowes went in a bit of a different direction with Philadelphia natives The Asteroid No. 4. A very alternative quartet with moody, psychedelic tendencies, they managed to win over the hometown crowd despite straying away from The Black Crowes’ straight-head rock sound.

The Asteroid No. 4 [Matt Bishop/The Rock Revival]

It’s always fun with The Black Crowes take the stage, because their ever-elaborate setup is always a sight to see. Broadway-esque curtains drape across the top of the lighting rig, bearing the name of their latest album – “Happiness Bastards.” The band wasted no time busting out some new tunes, kicking things off with “Bedside Manners” and “Rats and Clowns.” They would go on to play six new songs in total, giving the crowd a great live experience of the songs recently committed to tape. They sounded great live, coming off big and bold, and it was great to see the group not relying on their old hits alone.

After something new, the band gave fans something old. While talking about how they are touring on their new record, frontman Chris Robinson reminded fans that they have some serious hits under their belt.

“We got some new stuff, but we got some old motherfuckers too,” he stated emphatically.

With that remark, the band proceeded to launch into their signature smash hit, “Twice as Hard.” A great rock song for the ages, this rendition once again saw the entire crowd on their feet singing along. Hearing this one just never gets old.

Later on in the evening, “Hard to Handle” saw the crowd doing their best to sing along with the tail-end Chris Robinson’s fast chorus, and loving every second of it. A gem in the Crowes’ catalog, the track is one of the great rock songs of the last three decades. It’s also a cover – yes, an Otis Redding cover, for those who aren’t long-time fans. The Black Crowes put their signature spin on it for their eponymous 1990 debut LP. Last night, they added two more covers to the set – “Road Runner” by Bo Diddley, and “White Light/White Heat” by The Velvet Underground.

The Black Crowes [Matt Bishop/The Rock Revival]

Immediately following was gorgeous rendition of the keystone ballad “She Talk to Angels.”

The band also served up a significant helping of their sophomore effort – 1992’s The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. They performed “My Morning Song,” “Thorn In My Pride,” and “No Speak No Slave,” before eventually wrapping up their set with “Remedy.”

With the crowed always wanting more, they returned for an encore of “White Light/White Heat.” With that, another great Black Crowes show was in the books. This band one of the more reliable acts in rock. If you buy a ticket, you’re guaranteed a solid evening of excellent rock with a great stage show spearheaded by Rich Robinson’s grassroots guitar work and one of the most wildly captivating frontmen in rock history – Chris Robinson.

Always entertaining, Robinson had a cheeky back-and-forth with a fan at The Met. In between songs, a fan called out to Chris, asking to turn up the volume of his vocals in the speakers because he couldn’t be heard. Chris responded, in a very Chris Robinson way.

The Black Crowes [Matt Bishop/The Rock Revival]

“Do I look like I can turn up the fuckin’ vocals, man?”

A mix of cheers and laughter echoed from the audience.

Chris continued, Stick your head in the speaker if you wanna hear the singing. “Fuckin’ write it down in your Yelp review, man. Shit. You want me to get you a glass of water while I’m at it? I got shit to do, brother! I got shit to do.”

There’s never a dull moment at a Black Crowes show with the always-entertaining Chris Robinson.

Despite all their breakups and makeups, The Black Crowes are still one of music’s most enduring acts. It’s great to see them not only back out on the road, but with a brand new record under their arms. Hopefully, they decide to bring this run back around in 2026.

The Black Crowes have been very busy this year, and their schedule isn’t lightening up any time soon. May 14, the band will headline the O2 Apollo Manchester, kicking off a trek across Europe and the UK. They will cap off the run with a performance at the Stone & Music Festival on June 9 in Merida, Spain. From there, the band will return to the States to begin their run with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Aerosmith on their final Peace Out Tour. The highly anticipated rescheduled trek begins on September 20 in Pittsburgh, but The Black Crowes will link up with the rock legends starting at the second show in Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Center on September 23.

The Black Crowes setlist The Met Philadelphia 2024

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