The Legacy Of Frank Miller Heading To A Theater Near You

There are a few household names in comics. Frank Miller is one of those names.  Through his grim film-noirish comic book stories using characters like Batman and Daredevil and original works like Sin City and 300, Miller has etched his way into the hearts and minds of comic book fans for decades.

The film Frank Miller: American Genius premieres on June 10 with a one-night-only theatrical screening in Los Angeles that will screen simultaneously in Cinemark theaters nationwide. The documentary by Silenn Thomas, CEO of the artist’s production company Frank Miller Ink, the film explores Miller’s incredibly successful multimedia career. And the dark side, too.

The heavy list of people interviewed for the film ranges from film directors like Zack Snyder and  Robert Rodriguez to comic legends like Jim Lee, Neal Adams, and Jim Shooter. Miller’s unique storytelling and drawings have made him a heavyweight in the comic book community and opened up the door for many that follow in his path.

Check out the trailer below:



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