The World Premiere Musical “Last of the Red Hot Mamas” is Sizzling at the Bucks County Playhouse

You never know how one moment in life can help guide your destiny. Just ask Lloyd and Sue Ecker, the noted married theater, film, and book collaborators. This couple, who have known one another for 50 years, first fell in love with a young Bette Midler and her accompanist Barry Manilow at a college event […]

Author Larry Atkins’ Explores Ethical and Social Issues in Sports in Important New Book

Using an entertaining and journalistic approach, Foul or Fair: Ethical and Social Issues in Sports? covers many provocative and current topics such as what constitutes a sport, the rise of sports gambling and its controversies, issues in college sports, including name, image, and likeness payments for college athletes, youth sports issues, such as the advisability […]

Tribeca Film Festival 2024: Elexis Ray Goodwin Details The Power of Following Your True Passions in “Smile, God Loves You”

Interview with Elexis Ray Goodwin A film festival debut for any aspiring filmmaker would bring about incredible elation but the premiere of “Smile, God Loves You” is especially heartwarming for writer/director Elexis Ray Goodwin. Coming from an extremely personal place, the short film, featured in the Unbought & Unbossed block of films, chronicles the life […]

The Tribeca Film Festival 2024: They’re Here Bridges a Desire For Transcendence and The Extraterrestrial

Interview with Pacho Velez and Daniel Claridge The UFO and extraterrestrial being represent more than a conglomerate of fear and speculation, that usually results in an image of a circular metallic ship and a green specimen with abyss-black eyes. There is almost a universal longing to definitively confront something larger than us, occupying the very […]

Transgender Thought Leader and Children’s Book Author Dr. Elijah Nicholas Teaches Compassion

Dr. Elijah Nicholas, author, actor, entrepreneur, and inspiring motivational speaker on Health Equity for LGBTQ people, was front and center for the April 12 Day of Silence and is at the forefront of National Pride Month in June. He is also a thought leader and advocate in the Trans Community who speaks on Health Equity for […]

The Tribeca Film Festival 2024: Julia Aks and Steve Pinder Entwine Comedy and Education With “Jane Austen’s Period Drama”

Interview with Julia Aks and Steve Pinder    Truly successful comedy provokes meaningful thought and conversation from audiences, providing laughs first, but ultimately saying something more profound underneath its jovial exterior. This is a clear throughline in “Jane Austen’s Period Drama,” a short film premiering at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival on June 7, written […]

Eamon Rush Highlights the Critical Moments That Kept Pan Arcadia Alive and Thriving

Pan Arcadia’s tagline exclaims that they’ve been “Making tracks in a Brooklyn shack since ‘21,” but recently the indie rock band has been breaking into new creative spaces across New York City. Bringing untamed energy rock music wherever they venture, Pan Acardia seeks to surprise audiences with a myriad of genres they can infuse into […]

The New Screen Fest Solidifies a Film Community at The New School

Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School celebrated an eclectic display of creativity and dedication earlier this month with the 2nd edition of The New Screen Fest.  Started last year, The New Screen Fest is a student-run, faculty-assisted film festival that showcases short films made by The New School students and alumni. […]

Leo Sawikin Explores the Depths of Growth and Change in “Till You’re Somebody Else”

Former frontman of indie band The Chordaes Leo Sawikin has dedicated his solo projects to discovering the beauty in the existential and ontological. His latest single “Till You’re Somebody Else” revels in themes of rejuvenation, rebirth, and the consistency of growth we all undergo. The dreamy rhythm composed of gentle drums and light guitar strums […]

The Great Gatsby: The Great American Novel Becomes The Great American Musical

Review of The Great Gatsby on Broadway  Since its publication in 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has earned insurmountable accolades, cementing itself as a classic that many usually come across in their high school English classes.  But Gatsby is more than a frivolous novel worshipped by academics. The story at its core features some of […]

Tiphanie Doucet Wrestles With Musical Identity and Individuality With “My Own Way”

Interview with Tiphanie Doucet With careful strums of her harp and crisp vocals imbued with thoughtful reflection, international artist Tiphanie Doucet sets artistic boundaries while breaking musical barriers with her new single “My Own Way.” After sifting through multiple directions her music could take, mainly proposed by industry executives, Doucet forged her own narrative, conflating […]

Jodi Heights Sends Out a Call to Wandering Souls With “Lone Wolf”

Interview with Jodi Heights Being in tune with the darker sides of ourselves isn’t always something to be afraid of. Classically trained artist Jodi Heights believes embracing our habits entwined with everything revolving around the nighttime is a tool for reflection and growth. Her upcoming album Nocturne, featuring her latest single “Lone Wolf” is a […]