Made In America – Live Streaming From Philadelphia

Made In America – Live Streaming From Philadelphia

Performances will begin at 2 p.m. on both days, while festival doors will open at noon. The main entrance will be located at 22nd St. on the Parkway. Additional entrances will be located at 23rd and Pennsylvania Ave. and Martin Luther King Dr. at Eakins Oval.

Access to Made in America is restricted to 60,000 ticket-holders. Those attending should expect added security measures, including searches and pat-downs before being permitted inside the festival parameters. Attendees should also be prepared for searches within the venue “at the discretion of Festival security staff,” it says in the release. Once a person is admitted, re-entry to the venue will not be permitted. Attendees should take note of this while considering what items to bring to Made in America.

Festivalgoers are encouraged to bring shades, sunscreen, IDs, credit/debit cards and or cash. They will only be allowed one backpack or bag and one sealed, plastic water bottle per person. Blankets, towels, unbrellas, empty plastic bottles/hydration packs are also allowed.

Here’s what attendees cannot bring: Chairs, glass containers, coolers, skateboards/scooters, professional cameras, external food and drinks (besides water), fireworks/explosives, illegal substances, and/or weapons. Pets, except trained service animals, are not allowed (in case the guy who brought his snake to this year’s Fourth of July Jam was wondering).

As for decorative statements: Festivalgoers are not permitted to bring flyers, posters, stickers, glowsticks, laser pointers, or any items that would obstruct views, with the city citing examples like “flag poles” and “kites,” into the venue.