Buckcherry And Monster Truck Rock Philadelphia!


(PCM) Despite all the crazy and nasty winter weather we have been experiencing on the east coast lately, there was a rock n’ roll fire blazing at the Trocadero in Philly during the recent Buckcherry show.



The blazing evening of rock got off to a solid start when Canadian rockers Monster Truck took the the stage. While, I can not speak for the entire crowd, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the band’s set. Monster Truck’s sound is incredibly reminiscent of the blusey and soul-tinged bands of the seventies. Their music truly takes the listener on a journey with searing guitar riffs, intense vocals, and just the right amount of vintage appeal.


There were definitely a few people in the crowd that weren’t exacting vibing on Monster Truck’s set, as it is quite different than the party rock atmosphere people expect from a Buckcherry concert. I urge these individuals to open up their minds a bit and give this band the respect that they deserve. They are an immensely talented band and I absolutely cannot wait to catch them out again on the summer festival circuit later this summer.



The party truly got started when Buckcherry took to the stage totally igniting the room with their raw energy. As, always, Buckcherry put on one hell of an amazing live show and it is always a wild night. Vocalist Josh Todd held the audience captive with his incredible vocal ability and paired up with heavy-hitting shreds from guitarists Keith Nelson and Stevie D, this band provides all you could ever ask for in a live performance.



The band’s set list consisted of all the “usual suspects” as the band lovingly refers to their hit singles including “Lit Up”, “Sorry”, “All Night Long”, “Everything” and of course “Crazy Bitch’. Being a huge Buckcherry fan I was thrilled to hear “For The Movies” which in my opinion is one of the band’s most heart-wrenching songs. I also wholeheartedly enjoyed the band’s clever play covering the hit Icona Pop tune “I Love It (Say F**k It)”, which was just brilliant!




Buckcherry are still touring behind their last album “Confessions” and when we were able to catch up with vocalist Josh Todd prior to the show, he confirmed to us that a new EP is on the way later this spring. Todd tells us that he is incredibly excited about the EP and feels that it will truly be a “must-have” for all Buckcherry fans. You can check out the full interview below:

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