Why You Don’t Have To Wash Your Jeans


(PCM) During a recent interview with Fortune, Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh made the astonishing claim that he has not washed a pair of his jeans for over a year. He went on to say that keeping your favorite pair of jeans out of the washing machine does a better job at keeping them in mint condition and is also a heck of a lot better for the environment.

Bergh says that jeans can be spot cleaned and then left to air dry and that there is truly no real need to wash them once a week or more. While that may seem disgusting to many of the super cleanly folks out there, we are sure there are plenty of laundry haters that are overjoyed by the news.

Aren’t all of us guilty of wearing a favorite pair of jeans a few more times than we would care to admit before laundering? Usually it comes down to giving them the sniff test and moving on!

In the past Levi’s had suggested keeping your jeans in the freezer once a month instead of the washing machine to keep them from smelling bad. It seems that the whole not washing jeans movement is definitely gaining momentum as even famous reporter Anderson Cooper claims he wears the same pair of jeans daily and only washes them once a year.

You can watch Bergh’s full interview below:

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