Computer Finally Fools Humans And Passes Turing Test For The First Time


(PCM) It is always a terrifying thought that the day could be right around the corner, when computers and robots will begin to become smarter than then human beings that created them. The concept has been the idea for countless movies and television programs that focus on the consequences if ever that scenario should actually occur.

Now, it appears for the first time ever a computer has successful tricked people into believing that it is an actual human being and passed the iconic “Turning Test”.

The test was created by computer science pioneer Alan Turing back in 1950 to answer the question as to whether or not computers can think. Turings’ test claimed that if a computer can convince 30% of people that it is a human being during a series of conversations that it is showcasing behavior that is indistinguishable from actual human beings.

Up until now no computer was successfully able to convince 30% of the participants that it was an actual human, however a super computer by the name of Eugene Goostman has finally completed the task. Goostman posed as a 13-year old boy and was able to convince 33% of the judges that the computers answers were actually from a human being. Scary stuff!

What makes this news all the creepier is that the day the test occurred and Goostman beat the iconic “Turing Test” was on the very anniversary of Turings’ own death.  Talk about the creepy irony!


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