Great White Shark Population Growing On The East Coast?


(PCM) For a few days I thought it was just me, but there have been a ton of stories popping up about the population of Great White sharks popping up along the beach areas all along the east coast.

In a scene that is eerily reminiscent to one straight out of “Jaws”, a Great White shark came up upon a boat off the coast of Cape May, NJ. The boat was in the area on a search for Mako sharks when the 16-ft Great White came up out of the water and bit the chum back straight off the side of the boat.

The Great White also attempted to take a bite out of one of the 35-ft boats engines, however was not able to get a good grip and luckily did not cause any major damage to the boat. The individuals travelling on the boat claim the Great White swam around the boat for about 20 minutes, so they were able to capture a ton of photos and videos of the incident.

Researchers claim that the population of Great White sharks has grown significantly of the coast of the Eastern U.S. and parts of Canada. They feel that the rise in population is due to increased conservation efforts and a greater availability of prey.

Researchers claim that beach goers should not be overly fearful when heading out to vacation this summer, however should definitely use caution in areas where these magnificent creatures have been spotted.

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