Self-Proclaimed “Party Girl” Enjoys A Beer And Cigarette At Her Own Funeral


(PCM) Lately there seems to be a growing trend in which people are celebrating the lives of their lost loved ones rather than the traditional funeral mourning. They have come up with creative ways to showcase the person’s life and in the case of one New Orlean’s woman that was to prop her up in a living room setting with an ice cold beer and a cigarette in her hand.

53-year-old Miriam Burbank “loved cold beer, an occasional scotch and loved the New Orleans Saints.” So her family and loved ones figured what better way to celebrate her life than allow her to enjoy one final beer while surrounded by her family and friends.

The family told the funeral director that they did not want a typical religious service, as Burbank was the type of woman who just enjoyed life and enjoyed living. Many people attending the service felt comforted by seeing Burbank the way that they were all used to seeing her. It felt more as if they were visiting her in her room rather than simply attending her funeral.

Non-traditional funerals are certainly becoming more popular, despite being met with some criticism from those with a more traditional mindset. Heck, we say, if it is the family’s choice to put the “fun” back in funeral who are we to pass judgement! There is nothing wrong with celebrating someones life!

Self-Proclaimed “Party Girl” Enjoys A Beer And Cigarette At Her Own Funeral was contributed by a Myth