Zelda Williams Bullied On Social Media After Her Father’s Tragic Passing


(PCM) The audacity and heartless behavior of some people on the internet never ceases to amaze us!  25-year old actress Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, was bullied and harassed via social media after posting an incredibly heartfelt and touching tribute to her father.

As a result of the cyber-bulling Williams has come to the decision that she will no longer be using her social media accounts for the foreseeable future and doesn’t truly know if she will ever even want to come back.

Williams claims that she received some very cruel and unnecessary messages in regards to herself, her late father, their relationship and more. She was criticized for everything from not having enough photos of herself and her father posted as well as personal attacks about her father’s career and personal life.

The messages that were the most obscene came from two users, who have since been banned from Twitter, who allegedly sent Williams photoshopped images of her father’s body during the autopsy which were absolutely horrifying.

Despite efforts to have the users banned and urging her followers to report them, Williams eventually had enough and decided the best course of action was a take a much needed break from the social media world.

The following is her last posted tweet:

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Williams family and friends during this terribly difficult time. It is such as shame that some people feel the need to make an already tragic situation all the more difficult.

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