Victoria’s Secret Stirs Up Controversy With New Ad Campaign


(PCM) Women’s lingerie company Victoria’s Secret has created quite a bit of controversy with their new ad campaign which many are saying forces negative body image standards on women.

The ad campaign is for Victoria’s Secrets new bra collection which is called “Body”.and features the company’s incredibly thin models in bras and panties with the words “Perfect Body” splayed out across their bare midriffs.

Many individuals became outraged over the ads and what society feels is the standard for the “perfect body”. They feel that the ad showcases an incredibly damaging message to young women. The controversy even found the hash tag #iamperfect to begin trending on Twitter among the outpouring of social media commentary about the campaign.

Victoria’s Secret claims that they were only using that advertising slogan as a way to play on words with the name of the collection and never meant to cause any damage or offense.

A petition which has already received over 12,000 signatures was started via and it calls for the company to apologize for their irresponsible marketing and body shaming tactics.

The ads are up in Victoria’s Secret stores in the UK and on the U.S. website and thus far there has been no comment on whether or not the company plans on making any changes to the campaign given the current controversy.


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