‘A Field Full of Secrets’ Explores the World of Crop Circles

AFieldFullofSecrets(PCM) Widely considered to be a defrauded hoax, crop circles still inspire and confound conspiracy theorists worldwide. Gravitas Ventures’ documentary A Field Full of Secrets delves into the history of crop circles and explores the world of those who hold onto the belief that aliens are leaving behind blueprints in crop formations.

Read the official press release for A Field Full of Secrets, directed by first-time director Charles Maxwell and produced by Dax Phelan, below and visit the official website and Facebook page for more info and updates!

The groundbreaking feature documentary debut from Charles Maxwell, A FIELD FULL OF SECRETS will be available through Gravitas Ventures on December 2nd. The movie is a mesmerizing, reality-based intergalactic tale (bordering on science-fiction) that uncovers never-before-seen accounts of expert crop circle findings and analysis that have been wracking the brains of the foremost scientists for centuries; these enigmatic designs might actually be blueprints for building UFOs. The film will be released on video on demand platforms throughout North America and marks the directorial debut of Charles Maxwell.

For the past thirty-five years massive geometric shapes have been appearing in the fields of over forty-two countries across the globe. In all that time no one has been able to decipher their meaning. In June of 2008, Charles Maxwell and his good friend and fellow filmmaker, Dax Phelan (She’s Lost Control, Jasmine), stepped into an enormous crop circle formation for the first time, at a place called Barbury Castle, in Wiltshire. One emerged relatively unaffected while the other decided it was time to try to build a UFO with the help of an eccentric transsexual inventor.

Nothing is what it seems in A FIELD FULL OF SECRETS. What begins in the archaic landscape of Wiltshire with a hunt for the enigmatic crop circles soon spins out of control when Charles Maxwell believes he has found an eccentric inventor, Nikola Romanski, who claims he can decipher the crop circle code. The two men (one actually in the process of becoming a woman) discover what appears to be a blueprint for some kind of machine, hidden in the geometry of the crop circles. Will they build the machine and change the world, or simply waste an enormous amount of time and money?

“A FIELD FULL OF SECRETS is an odyssey that goes deep into the heart of the phenomenon of crop circles and the potential of a positive future for humanity that no longer relies on fossil fuel. The universe doesn’t run on gasoline.” said Maxwell. “Without intending to do so, we’ve created a completely original documentary that raises the question: Is it possible to go too far down the rabbit hole? For better or for worse, it’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen.”

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