Autistic Girl And Her Pit Bull Service Dog Denied A Visit With Santa


(PCM) A 7-year old autistic girl by the name of Abcde Santos (pronounced “ab-su-dee”) was recently denied a visit to Santa Claus at the mall in Mission Viejo, California because the mall Santa was scared of her 5-year old pit bull service dog named Pup-Cake.

Abcde stood in line with her family and Pup-Cake for nearly thirty minutes for her turn to visit Santa only to be denied a visit when she reached the front of the line. A representative for the family claims that they even offered to remove the dog from the mall to allow Abcde a chance to sit on Santa’s lap, however he still refused claiming claiming he was allergic.

You can only imagine how devastating the whole ordeal had to be for Abcde, especially knowing the fact that she is autistic. The family reached out to Simon Properties who manage the mall and expressed their concerns over the incident. Management for the mall responded and informed the family that the mall Santa had been fired and they posted a very special invitation to Abcde and her family, including Pup-Cake on their Facebook page.

The family claims this is not the first time they have had to deal with a situation like this for having a pit bull as a service animal and say that they are very happy with the way that the mall handled the situation.

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