At What Age Are You The Happiest?


(PCM) Many people would assume that growing older would mean longing for our younger years or stressing nuances that come along with aging physically. However, a new study has shown that while our overall physical quality of life may be decreasing,  our mental spirits tend to be doing quite the opposite.

The study of over 10,000 participants from both the U.S. and the U.K. has revealed that people tend to be the happiest in life right around the age of 40.  It is thought that people in their 40’s seem to be more content and settled with their daily lives. They have learned over the years how to cope with what life throws at them and are much more able to properly deal with hardships and other negative circumstances in their lives much better than when they were younger.

It is also thought that individuals in the 40’s are beginning to have less expectancy out of life and in turn suffer less disappointment when things  do not turn out exactly as they had anticipated.  They are also able to reflect on their overall accomplishments both personally and professionally and be satisfied with where they are in life.

It is possible that coming out of your 40’s and entering your 50’s can be a low point for some people, however those that are able to pull through it and stay in good health into their 60’s will grow even happier as they enter into old age.

At what age would you say that you were the happiest? Do you think that you are getting happier as you age?

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