El Chapo Is Suing Netflix For Defamation Of Character

Photo courtesy of Netflix/Univision 2017

(PCM) Infamous Columbia drug lord El Chapo is suing streaming network Netflix over the release of their new original series “El Chapo” citing defamation of character. El Chapo has had his lawyer Jose Refugio Rodriguez contact the network multiple times asking for royalty payments from series to which they have yet to respond.

After Rodriguez received no response from the network regarding the alleged royalties owed to El Chapo he has decided to push things a bit further and file a lawsuit against Netflix and Univision, a co-producer of the series.

El Chapo’s lawyer claims in the lawsuit that the Netflix series portrays his client as a “heartless criminal” and the series could have an impact on his overall reputation as he currently faces trial in the US federal court next year. When speaking with the Mexican radio program “Formula”, Rodriguez goes on to explain, “Things are happening [in the series] that do not correspond to reality, despite the fact that there is no conviction confirming those events. That represents a grave violation of [Guzman’s] right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

El Chapo was extradited to the United States for trial back in January of 2016 and during his time spent in prison made headlines for meeting with several high profile celebrities such as actor Sean Penn and actress Kate del Castillo, supposedly about a biopic. Netflix and Univision did not respond to any of El Chapo and his attorneys threats regarding the release of the “El Chapo” series and went ahead with their scheduled release of the show.

Season one of “El Chapo” is currently streaming on Netflix and we will have to wait and see how the lawsuit plays out.

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