Ryan Murphy Teases Potential Monster For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7

(AOTN) After what we felt was a lackluster season six of the “American Horror Story” franchise with the mess that was “AHS: Roanoke” here’s to hoping that Ryan Murphy and crew can redeem themselves with season seven.

Thus far very little information has been revealed about the upcoming seventh installment of the hit FX horror-anthology series, but we definitely know for sure that series regulars Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are set to make a return and newcomers joining the cast for the seventh season will be Billie Lourd and Colton Haynes. We do not yet know what type of characters everyone will portray or even what the official theme of season seven will be at this time.

As usual, Ryan Murphy likes to tease fans a bit and has posted an image on his Instagram account that could potentially reveal a new monster for the upcoming season.  The post was only labeled with the season seven clue “ambidexterity”.  This of course leaves us to ponder even more about what could be the potential theme for season seven, but for now we are just going to have to wait and see!

AHS Season 7 clue: ambidexterity

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A few weeks ago Murphy posted a few other images to Instagram which were a drawing of a terrifying elephant-like creature and a person sporting blue hair captioned with “AHS 7, red white and blue clue”, but so far that has been it! It is strongly rumored that season seven will feature some sort of political theme. We are definitely excited to see what Murphy has in-store for season seven, as it has to be better than season six!

AHS Season 7: Red, white and blue clue

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American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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