Camila Cabello Proves She is a Star at her First Solo Festival Performance [Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest]

Camila Cabello proved that she is a force to be reckoned with, during her Sunday evening (Aug. 20) set at Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater in Jones Beach, NY. Launching her set with one of her many smash hits as a solo artist which was “OMG” in which she flaunted her style and impeccable dance moves across the stage with her dancers. Not to mention showcasing her style with her mostly black outfit with a red bra vividly shining through her sheer floral print jacket as her dancers and backing band were decked out in solid white outfits. During “OMG” where Quavo raps Cabello dropped her mic and broke out into some flawless choreographed dance moves with her dancers. Then going into her song that was inspired by her Cuban roots, “Havana” in which she sings “Half of my heart is in Havana, oh na na” as fans screamed the lyrics back her louder than any other artist of the weekend. Throughout her entire 35-minute set she shined a solo artist with excitement radiating from her face which was complete with a smile throughout her entire set. Showing how grateful she is for her fans, she even shouted out many of her fans that were on the front row on the barricade.

The crowd’s exuberant response to her and Machine Gun Kelly’s biggest and 2x Platinum certified hit “Bad Things” was breathtaking, although MGK was not present at the festival to perform this smash single with her that was not stopping Cabello from giving her all during this song and the fans didn’t disappoint her as they shouted MGK’s lyrics back to her without missing a word which was probably heard all the way over in New York City as it was so loudly sung. Then performing “Inside Out” before going into saying “This next song, is a really really special song to me. This is actually my first time performing it live, because it just carries so much weight to me and it is called I Have Questions.” Then beautifully performing “I Have Questions” as the fans began singing the lyrics back to her with emotion filling Cabello’s face as well as the fans singing along. Her smash hit “Crying In The Club” was performed vibrantly before going into her collab with Major Lazer who was also performing later that night in which she made a surprise appearance at but their collab “Know No Better” was exceptional. Then breaking out an electric guitar for her final song which was “I’ll Never Be the Same,” in which she shredded on the guitar.

Cabello proved to us at this first ever festival performance as a solo artist that she is not only a rock star but also a natural performer giving the fans the hits they want to hear, while choreographing her and her dancers dance moves flawlessly. We definitley recommend getting out to catch a Camila Cabello set in the near future if she happens to be appearing at a festival near you or anything, do not miss your chance to witness what we think was the best performance at the festival out of the entire festival weekend. Cabello showed she is meant to be a performer as well as showcasing her beyond amazing vocals. She used every inch of the stage space that was there for her and interacted with all of the fans present at the amphitheater singing to them directly, you can even see the emotion behind each song as she sings, which we think is a beautiful thing. Thank you hot 100 festival for blessing us with a set from Camila Cabello this past weekend.

Check out our exclusive photo gallery of Camila Cabello’s set.

“The only way to get through pain is to get through it and not around it. Pain is not your enemy, it’s your friend. It is there to make us stronger and to make us more human and to make us appreciate the good times.” -Camila Cabello

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