Demi Lovato Proves She’s Confident During Special Appearance at Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest

Demi Lovato‘s special appearance at Billboard’s 2017 Hot 100 Fest was brief but impactful, Lovato strutting across the Hot 100 main stage Saturday evening (August 19th) in her bedazzled New York Mets jersey which sparkled as she owned the stage, in a black bodysuit beneath her jersey which allowed her to showcase her new fighting figure, and her signature black thigh-high heels. Her performance which was a very forceful set of several of her smash hits, being a special guest she unfortunately only got to perform three songs including “Confident” which is the single that she exploded onto the stage with, continuing with her smash summer anthem “Cool For The Summer” and her latest single “Sorry Not Sorry.” Her very powerful set which included lots of female dancers which danced flawlessly in sync with Lovato and her smash hits. Her latest single “Sorry Not Sorry” released back on July 11th, which seems like it was a song written to be performed live, and it’s her first single off her highly anticipated sixth studio album to be released later this year which is the follow up to Lovato’s last album, Confident, which came out in October of 2015. The new track touches on themes like hate, self empowerment, self-identity, relationships, and power. This very strong track allows Lovato to take a savage approach by belting out lyrics about revenge and not letting haters get to her, She proves that she is confident in the position that she is currently in and that she is definitley not apologizing for anything. Lovato stating that “This song is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been hated on” and you can hear that within the lyrics. Lovato’s very self empowering set was one to see and we are stoked to hear and see more from her later in 2017!

This performance coming just one day before her 25th birthday, what a great way to celebrate her birthday then with a sold out crowd filled with some of her most loyal fans in Jones Beach, NY at Billboard’s Hot 100 Festival.


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