SDCC Promises Big Things for SuperGirl Season 3

(AOTN) We got to see and experience a lot of cool things this year at San Diego Comic-Con. Things that got us really excited for all the new upcoming releases, and with September right around the corner, that means fall television will be in full effect. One of the things that I am always excited about is the return of the ever expanding CW “Arrow-Verse” and all the live-action DC comic adaptions.

Last year we saw ‘Supergirl‘ transition from network to network and join the CW family–where it honestly belonged in the first place–and was really given chance to find its footing without the crazy rating demands dictated by CBS. Now that Kara and the team over at the DEO have firmly established themselves in the CW “Arrow-Verse”, cross-over episodes and all, we are really going to get a chance to see how ‘Supergirl‘ can expand the entire universe in season 3. Not to mention the promise of an epic storyline with a protagonist unlike any of those we have seen so far, this means should be a special one.

Check out what the cast was able to tell us about the upcoming season during SDCC 2017 right here!

Jumping right in, you can hear what Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) has to say about the upcoming third season and what we can expect from the titular character. In the interview Benoist chats about the pressure of playing Supergirl, the presence of Reign (Odette Annable), our big bad for the new season, and the overwhelming fan support for the show thus far.

Next, we catch up with Katie McGrath (Lena Luther) about all things related to the second season of Supergirl, as well as what’s to come in season 3. Watch as McGrath talks about how her character dynamics evolve in the new season, playing a character that is flawed, and what makes the show special. I think its fair to say her and Kara’s friendship is about to get a lot more complicated.

Jeremy Jordan (Winn) is clearly having a lot of fun going into season 3 of Supergirl, and he brings that passion with him to SDCC 2017. In the interview, Jordan talks with us about the changes coming for Winn in the future of the show, if Winn will eventually become a villain, and potential crossovers for the coming season. Not to mention an absolutely adorable moment between Jordan and Katie McGrath.

We think it’s fair to say Chris Wood (Mon-El) had the ability to not only capture the heart of Supergirl in season 2, but to capture the hearts of everyone tuning in as well. Although Mon-El’s end to season left things seeming bleak for the character, it did provide us with one of the most emotionally impactful pay-offs of the season. Obviously the first thing we wanted to ask Wood when given the chance at SDCC was where can we expect him to come in during season 3 and how large of role will he have. Although his answers are cryptic, Wood talks with us about the future of the character, the qualities of Mon-El, and which superhero his character most represents. I think its safe to assume we will be seeing a good amount of him this year, considering the fact he is doing press for season 3.

In this interview, fan-favorite David Harewood (Martian Manhunter) discusses the pleasures of playing his character, the big surprises to come in season 3, and the potential for crossover episodes in the future of the show. He also really likes his action figures.

Watch as we sit down with Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen/Guardian) and listen to him jokingly duck and dive around pretty much every question we want to ask. Despite everything Brooks couldn’t tell us about his character or what he knows about the upcoming season he does give some. Brooks discusses the challenges of bringing his character to life, the practical difficulties of wearing the guardian suit, and what he admires the most about the female characters on the show.

We chat with Odette Annable about her new villainous role as “Reign”, the bid bad for the upcoming season. Watch as we discuss how she is unlike any of the previous villains in the series, whether she will do her own stunts during filming, and what surprised her most about the character arc throughout the season after signing on. Being known as “world-killer” certainly is intimidating  and there is no doubt “Reign” will be an intense physical threat for Kara. Hopefully we get some cool special effects when it comes to the action surrounding the character.

Suffice it to say, it was blast to have the chance to catch up with the cast at SDCC and talk about the upcoming season. There is a lot to look forward to this year in the “Arrow-Verse” and SuperGirl is getting stronger by the season. Here is the official comic-con trailer to get your first real look into Supergirl season 3:

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