Bob Iger Gives New Details Regarding Disney Streaming App

After news broke about a month ago revealing Disney’s plans to pull their films from Netflix in order to start their own streaming app, many questions needed to be answered. Will Star Wars and Marvel films stream on the service? Will the service have exclusive content? How much content will it have? How much will it cost? Well Disney CEO Bob Iger has answered some of those questions.

During a 2017 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, Iger revealed that both Star Wars and Marvel films will make the jump to the Disney streaming app. The CEO went on to say that the app will also include a collection of shorts and over 7,000 episodes of Disney television. What is probably the biggest piece of news from the conference is that the company plans to release four to five studio-quality (but lower budget) films exclusively on the streaming app in addition to new exclusive television series.

Iger also mentioned that the app will not have any ads. Having no ads makes total sense because the brand pretty much advertises itself.

The app which does not have a name yet is set to launch in 2019. Does this news have you excited about the app?



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