Concert Review: September Mourning In San Diego, CA

Images by: Johnnie Crow
Words by: Melissa Butterfly

(TRR) September Mourning is where hard rock and comic book anime collide in a dark and melodic presentation. If you are a fan of both, this is a must see show. The story is presented like a rock musical incorporating live theatrics, video and music.

September is an empathetic fictional character who is a human grim-reaper, navigating the world of the living and the world of the dead, giving human souls whom she sees fit a second chance. Although the storyline is very dark, September is symbolically dressed in white, as a bright light in a dark world. Guitarists Rich Juzwick and Kyle Ort, and drummer Josh Fresia are also in on the cosplay, dressing and acting as reapers.

The stage presence and music was captivating for the audience as you could see both newbies and followers alike watching with full attention. As a newbie myself, I got caught up in the story-line, watching not only performance art but hearing awesome rock music. The plot thickened with good and bad and as the show progressed. The story and concert both ended on a high positive note of second chances depicting hope…how awesome is that even coming from such a dark perspective. This show is a must see musical performance of art.

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