Late Summer Vacation Ideas

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(PCM) Many people feel that just because Labor Day has come and gone it signals the end of summer and end of any possible chance of sneaking away for a relaxing summer getaway. They could not be any more wrong! Technically speaking, summer doesn’t come to an official end until September 21st, so there is still plenty of time, even after the children go back to school, to take some time and snag some fantastic travel deals.

End of summer is when both airlines and hotels offer some fantastic deals, as many of the family-type crowds have disappeared, leaving more time to just relax and let loose without the worry of large crowds everywhere, especially in destination vacation spots.

It was back in 1952 that the very first jet aircraft entered into commercial service, carrying only 36-46 passengers from London, England to Johannesburg, South Africa stopping a whopping five times during it’s journey to refuel and receive maintenance. This flight spearheaded airline travel into what it has become today, with of course many technological advances along the way. It is typically around the end of summer just prior to the holiday peak season that many airlines will offer fantastic last minute booking prices for those looking for a quick weekend getaway or even a longer stay overseas. It is amazing just how far we’ve come since 1952, however we certainly wish they would consider giving us just a little more leg room and slightly more comfortable seats, as those areas i.e. passenger comfort has taken a bit of back seat in the airline industry. We might be able to fly with a lot more people on board, but, boy, are we ever squished!

Space issues aside, how about book a trip to the New England area to watch the gorgeous fall foliage begin to change colors? Or how about exploring a National Park that you have yet to visit? These are both excellent trips for the end of summer season without breaking the bank in the process.

If you choose to skip the airline travel and are just looking for something to do in your own neck of the woods. You could try exploring a local beach or lakeside you have never visited before, or better yet a relaxing camping trip to escape and become one with nature for even just a few hours.

A few other choices for last minute end of summer trips could be a trip to a spa you’ve been trying to check out, taking in a baseball game with the whole family, pick up a new hobby to try such as a ceramics or yoga class or even some surfing lessons. You could also plan a “stay-cation” where you grab a hotel you’ve been eyeing up in your hometown and treating it as a small vacation without ever leaving your own neighborhood, but exploring some new territory in the process.

Let’s hope this have given you some ideas and rest assured, even if you feel summer has passed you by, it is never too late to snag some last minute travel deals and take the vacation you definitely deserve.

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