Flash is Back with Season 4 Premiere ‘Flash Reborn’

Warning: Potential Spoilers ahead.

Flash is back baby! Season four kicked off last night on The CW with it’s premiere episode ‘Flash Reborn’. I think its safe to say that this premiere is not the best, but for 1 hour it provides you an episode filled with light-hearted banter. Overall I felt like this episode was better than the season 3 premiere ‘Flashpoint’.

In ‘Flash Reborn’ we find that in Barry’s absence team Flash has now become team Iris, with Iris taking on the role of group leader along with filling in for Catlin. Kid Flash and Cisco are on the street with a low success ratio against metahumans. The presence of a Samurai in the city creates a necessity for the team to get Barry out from the Speed Force.

As I already mentioned this episode is full of light-hearted banter, and I loved every moment of it, particularly the moments amongst team Iris. Season four also sets up a team up between Vibe and Kid Flash which is pretty awesome, especially now that Kid Flash is no longer a rookie. Once the episode finally focuses on Barry we get one of the most entertaining scenes of the episode as Barry comes out blabbering trying to get a message across. It is absolutely hilarious.

Along with Barry, Killer Frost/Catlin Snow manages to escape the speed force and return to reassemble Team Flash. The one person I really missed is Julian, who went back to London. The episode kickstarts with a voiceover from Iris describing the previous finale and ends with the introduction of season 4’s big baddie.

Just to sum it up kind of quickly here’s what I liked and disliked about The Flash season 4 premiere.

1. First 15 mins,
2. Kid Flash and Cisco,
3. The House is ridiculously cool
4. The Chase sequence with Samurai.

1. The whole Dimensia sequences,
2. Forgettable villain.

Overall I would say ‘Flash Reborn’ was definitely a better premiere than what we saw in season 3. Personally I am happy that this show continues to progress, getting better with each season. Hopefully this is just the start to what could potentially be the best season of The Flash so far.

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