NYCC2017: ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Ready For War

As the new season of The Walking Dead is upon us yet again, the cast say big things are on the way for season eight.  We recently had the opportunity to attend a press conference at New York Comic Con, before the cast and crew hit the stage at Madison Square Garden for what is the “main event” for the Con.  The cast of The Walking Dead are like the Beatles during this incredible four-day-stretch of nerd paradise.  Prior to the main event we were given two half-hour opportunities to ask the cast questions.  The first series featured Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, Lennie James, Tom Payne, and Katelyn Nacon.

Like a quarterback both on and off-screen, Andrew Lincoln was asked the first question and got the ball rolling.  After a difficult season seven for Lincoln’s Rick, he was asked on Ricks range emotion and current mental state.  “They needed to break me down in order to come back stronger than ever before”.  All-out-war is coming, and like Rocky, who even when he got knocked down, came back stronger in the end.  Rick and company may have been pushed to the brink of defeat, they’re ready to fight.  “He’s very focused, a completely inverted Rick.  He’s a man ready to die”.  “He’s free”.  Powerful words from Lincoln, who only gets even more excited for what he describes as “the payoff for the last season”, teasing an excited conclusion to this current saga.

Rick is in no means the only character going through huge emotional arks.  Katelyn Nacon who portrays Enid on the show says that “we’re seeing her become a better warrior”.  We see the evolution of characters like Enid, but it’s often hard to forget the past.  When asked what was the one thing his character regrets and would take back Lennie James who plays Morgan replied “that I didn’t put a bullet in my wifes head”.  “The crux of the dilemma in Morgans life is pulling that trigger, or not pulling that trigger.”  “His heart would be a little less broken, and he would be a different man.”  despite what has and has not happened yet to these characters as they continue to fight.


“I honestly think the show is life times 100”, said Jesus actor Tom Payne.  Payne was speaking on the fact that even in the world you and I inhabit, death is always lurking.  But when you exist in the Walking Dead universe, death is literally around every corner.

One of the brains behind this universe is producer director Greg Nicotero who spoke about the shows growth.  much like the characters within it, the show has gone through different visual styles, and continues to push the boundaries both visually and rewards for fans who have grown with the characters.  “The first episode has a lot of interesting nods to previous season” said Nicotero in describing what he brought to season eight as a director.  He spoke on trying new things with the camera.

Greg Nicotero:

“We wanted to give the fans something exciting, especially people that have been with us since day one.”

Based off what we heard, fans are surely excited for season eight.  The Walking Dead has been working towards a massive payoff, a payoff with potentially dire consequences.

The Walking Dead is currently on Sundays on AMC. Check back soon for more coverage from NYCC!

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