Russell Dickerson Shines with Infectious Debut Album, ‘Yours’ [Album Review]

Russell Dickerson‘s debut album YOURS comes out this Friday, October 13th, 2017 and we were lucky enough to get a first listen to the album before it’s release. Dickerson gives fans a sentimental and much deeper look into his life with this 12-track album. The album starts out with a very powerful, yet pleasantly relaxed song titled “Every Little Thing,” which the flow and beat of the song, I would compare to Jimmy Buffett’s legendary track “Margaritaville” with Dickerson’s own flare to it. Then taking us into a love song which is the song that took off for Russell Dickerson as it appeared on his EP and immediately took to radio flooding stations throughout the world making for his first gold certified single, this song is about his wife, Mrs. Kailey Dickerson, who he has been married to for 4 years and counting. Kailey is the inspiration behind his smash hit track “Yours” and i’m sure inspired several of his other songs on this record. Not to mention Kailey also filmed the music video for “Yours” which boasts at over 5.3 million views on YouTube. The song is a very beautiful song and he has performed the tune on The Bachelorette and it has been since deemed a great song for first dances at weddings which is why Dickerson decided to make an alternative cut of this song on this debut album called “Yours (Wedding Edition),” slowing it down to make for the perfect first dance.

Dickerson’s voice beautifully blended with the instrumentals in each song on this record making for an attention grasping addictive sound. “Blue Tacoma” and his latest single “Billions” are two tracks on this album that are perfect examples of the addictive sound I speak of, when listening to this album these two songs are songs that you don’t even need to know but can dance and tap along to, and learn the lyrics quickly making for an instant sing-a-long. Every song on this record is infectious and makes you want to put the album on repeat cause you just cannot get enough. You would never know this is Dickerson’s debut album as it’s so well written and produced that it sounds like it could be his tenth studio album.

Slowing it down a bit on the album with “All Fall Down” and “Low Key” but picking it right back up with “Float” and “Would You Love Me.” The album also having a super rhythmic catchy irresistible sing-a-long “MGNO” which is a song that has lyrics that any woman would love to hear from her boyfriend, and Dickerson made the perfect song to fiercely impact woman everywhere who want to hear these words. This album seems to have been written to be performed live as it’s energy driven on every track, even on the slower tracks it has a consistent upbeat positivity to it that just makes you want to dance and have a good time, If there was something that sounded like having a good time, it would be described as Russell Dickerson’s debut album, Yours. “You Look Like A Love Song” is a song that sounds like Dickerson’s next smash hit that I could envision conquering country radio rapidly and can be compared to topping the charts similar to Keith Urban’s hit “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” The album ends with a very compelling and vibey song “Twentysomething” and of course the Wedding Edition of “Yours” which you can guaranteed to be heard at your friends next wedding, cause as mentioned it is the perfect love song for a first dance.

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