Big Revelation about Thinker in Episode 7 “Therefore I Am” of The Flash

Warning :  Potential Spoilers Ahead.

This week we finally have a revelation about the big baddie Thinker/Devoe as we see in this episode “Therefore I Am” of The Flash, when he comes face to face with Barry. There was a complete shift in the tone here for the first time in season 4 and instead being light and funny, there were complete paranoia and darkness.

What makes this guy a bigger threat when compared Zoom or Reverse Flash is his overpowered mind. Being a master manipulator, he was always been a few steps ahead of the whole team. Devoe smartly turns up the tables during the big confrontation sequence with Barry. Regarding the backstory, there was a throwback scene of the beloved particle accelerator and the guest appearance of a fan favorite character.

Neil Sandilands perfectly nailed his role as Thinker. He was truly intimidating while uttering the dialogue “knowledge without love” at the end. Kim Engelbrecht as Marlize DeVoe was supportive and believable especially during the sequence where she complains about being hounded by an obsessed Barry Allen. Full marks to the writers here, for setting up a formidable fight between the fastest man and the fastest mind.


1. Particle Accelerator blast sequence

2. Chemistry between Thinker and his wife

3. Barry’s ordeals while unmasking Devoe’s Identity

4. Wally West is back


1. No Ralph Dibny (Seriously?)

2. Tends to drag a bit at certain points

Overall, this one is certainly better than the  previous two, maybe three episodes. My only concern here is how Flash will embrace the two exact opposite features of fun and darkness. Now just like Barry and his team even I too started eagerly waiting for the next move from Thinker.

The Flash will return next week as the third part of the epic crossover ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ which centers around the wedding of Barry and Iris.

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