Final Space Lands At SDCC

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(PCM) TBS brought “Final Space” to San Diego Comic Con. They definitely had a huge presence at SDCC, as can be seen by our bus picture above! “Final Space” is created by “Tennessee wonder child” Olan Rogers, who is an independent filmmaker, actor, comedian and entrepreneur with close to a million YouTube subscribers. Rogers and David Sacks are the writers and executive producers for the TBS original, which is produced by Conaco, New Form and in association with Turner’s Studio T.

Rogers stars in the animated series with Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, David Tennant, Tika Sumpter, Steven Yeun and Coty Galloway.  And guess what!  Chookity Pok! TBS has renewed Final Space for a second season. The intergalactic space saga is TBS’ youngest- skewing original series to debut on the network, reaching more than 20 million viewers across TBS’ linear, VOD and digital platforms. The series pick-up is the latest in a string of renewals for the network, which saw every original series renewed for additional seasons in the last year.

We caught up with some of the producers and cast members of Final Space at SDCC and here what they had to say about the show.

Tom Kenny (voice of Hue)

Q: You and Gary seem to have a fun and developing relationship throughout the first season?

Kenny: Yea. Yea they do. Hue is like the voice of reason and can be a little sassy too. He is like the prison warden of the ship and for Gary who is a drifter. And often Hue, this comes into the parental aspect, must deliver the bad news to Gary. I don’t know if Hue likes to deliver the bad news, but it’s his job. I’m told which I’m not really allowed to talk about, I’m told that Hue has a sort of evolution in season 2.

Q: Where did you draw inspiration for the voice of the character?

Kenny: It was audition. They sent a description of what they were looking for, I auditioned for all kinds of characters on the show Lord Commander, KVN, and I just read for everything. For Hue it was 2001, HAL 9000. One of my top 3 favorite movies of all time is 2001. I’ve seen it about a dozen times, and never on TV. I’ve been watching it since I was twelve years old.

We learned a lot from David Sacks (Producer) who explained how the show came to fruition and how Conan O’Brian is really involved in the show even voicing one of the characters (Clarence). When asked about what fans could look for in season 2, Sacks replied he couldn’t give any secrets out, but he did say to expect an emphasis on more comedy and take our time with the plot development.

Be sure to check out Final Space ONDemand and on TBS. Check out the trailer below Earthlings:

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