A Demo Of ‘The Walking Dead: Our World’ And Tour Of ‘Dead Quarters’ Activation At SDCC

Words and images by: Karli Higdon

(PCM) While we were out exploring San Diego Comic Con we had the opportunity to check out an awesome demo of the new augmented-reality game “The Walking Dead: Our World”, as well as, spend some time having a blast in AMC’s “Dead Quarters” off-site activation.

One building was set up to resemble the Sanctuary complete with cots, supplies, plans and Eugene’s apartment. In Eugene’s apartment was a chance to check out the new Walking Dead Our World game which is a location based augmented reality mobile game (think pokemon go but with zombies) Outside the building was recreations of several vehicles used in the show as well as a motorcycle you could get a photo op with. Inside was a photo op with Lucille–which was emailed to you with moving flames added to the bat!

The creators of the “Dead Quarters” activation payed exquisite attention to detail and the game demo was a ton of fun!

Next up was the 22 foot zombie slide similar to the one seen in Fear the Walking Dead. You come down into a pool filled with blood red colored foam blocks. After you slide you receive a slow motion video of you coming out of the slide into the foam. When we were there there wasn’t any zombies in the pool but when we walked by later they were in there moving around! Funny enough, one of our group lost her phone in the foam pit so we got a bit of extra fun in the foamy blood pool since  we and a worker got to swim through the foam blocks looking for it!  It was a hoot!

We then made our way over to the Trash Composter/Shredder photo op, which reflected the scene in which Jadis kills all of her fellow trash people after they were turned to walkers by leading them into the trash composter  or shredder!   An actor dressed as Jadis stands over top of you and you are put into the composter and someone was on a ladder is taking pics of you from above so you look like you are being shredded. The blades are covered in blood and body parts.  This was similar to the slide as in when we went in there wasn’t a zombie but when we saw it later in the week there was a zombie standing in the photo op with the person trapped inside.

Probably the coolest thing was the fight coordinator for “The Walking Dead” who was there to give lessons in how to fight using assorted weapons. Some from our group gave it a  try and they chose to use the bow staff like Morgan. He gave them a lesson in holding it and moving it and striking zombies (and other enemies too we suppose)!  It was so much fun and a great place to take memorable photos and video!

Overall we had a fantastic experience with the “The Walking Dead: Our World” game demo and with our trek through the “Dead Quarters” activation! We can’t wait to see what they will do with it next year!

Check out some more images of our adventures below:

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