Our Experience At The FXhibition SDCC 2018!

We swear that each and every year the FXhibtion spread out across the lawn of the Hilton Bayfront get bigger and better! This year featured a wide array of FX and FXX Networks hit series including “Archer”, “American Horror Story”, “Legion”, and the upcoming series “Mayans M.C.”!

The outside exhibition ran very smoothly as each attendee was given a bracelet that had a chip enclosed inside. As you went through each of the show exhibits your bracelet was scanned at the end for the photo opportunities and then those photos could be downloaded using the code located on the underside of the bracelet.

The use of technology still amazes us sometimes and it beat trying to carry around printed out photos all day or having to type in your email or social media address each time you went through an exhibit. The photos came out fantastic and it really sped along the process of getting through the entire FXhibition quickly and efficiently.

The FXhibition also feature some awesome giveaway items including a wide variety of buttons featuring their series, as well as, a station to create custom screen-printed tote bags featuring your favorite FX or FXX shows. Everyone knows at Comic Con once can never, ever, have too many bags!

The “Legion” activation featured a large dome which once inside displayed an array of images that spun around from floor to ceiling. It was absolutely mind-blowing, but certainly not for those that get dizzy quickly. The experience was commissioned by the internationally-acclaimed Marco Brambilla Studio and truly put in you inside the head of David Haller.

The “American Horror Story” activation featured an amazing VR experience which consisted of us being handed headphones and large tablet computer. Once inside the experience, which was set up to look like an oddities/eccentricities research museum, you could use the tablet computer to interact with the creepy artifacts set up inside. You never really knew what you were going to awaken during the experience and there were certainly more than few jump scares!  They did a great job with this, as it was a ton of fun!

The “Mayans M.C.” deconstructed bike zone was a fantastic place for biker fans to grab an incredible photo opp on one of the motorcycles, as well as, see various bikes on display as well. The “Archer” sound boxes were also a ton of fun, as you got to experience a few moments inside the heads of your favorite “Archer” characters. Each sound box features classic sound bites from the show.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” had a photo opportunity set up as well as sunscreen and water stations and unfortunately we did not have enough time to check out the FX 3Dme activation where fans were body-scanned and created into a digital piece of art from your favorite series which could then be turned into a figurine. It looked amazing though!

We absolutely can’t wait to see what FX will have in-store for us next year and we anxiously await their upcoming programming slate coming this fall!

Here are some more images from our experience:



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