Proven Methods to Boost Self-Discipline for Better Health

Proven Methods to Boost Self-Discipline for Better Health

Today’s modern world is absolutely bursting with temptations coming at you, left, right and centre. From food to drinks, technology, and much more; the list is endless, but research illustrates that people who show self-discipline are the happier of the two types of people in this world.

Those who demonstrate a higher state of self-control will fewer minutes deliberating over whether or not to treat themselves to behaviours that are disadvantageous to their health, while also being able to decide on more positive choices more easily.

Essentially, what this means is that these people do not allow impulses or feelings to dominate what choices they make. What they do have, are level-headed decisions on their side, which equates to a higher feeling of satisfaction with their lives.

If you want to adopt methods that will boost self-discipline for better health, there’s good news because you can do things you can do to learn self-discipline and gain the willpower to live a happier life. The Sleep Advisor’s Sarah Cummings hands over some informed tips to adhere to…

Recognize Your Weaknesses

Humans, regardless of who they are, come with weaknesses, and this is completely natural. These can vary between person to person, but the thing to bear in mind is that we’re all in this together, it’s just a case of being able to identify the weaknesses you have and deal with them appropriately.

It’s okay to admit to your flaws, because, without doing so, how will you overcome them? Don’t hide from these shortcomings and you’ll find you live with a far healthier mindset than you would if you don’t.

Eliminate Enticing Temptations

There’s a reason why your parents always used to say “out of sight, out of mind.” This is a classic adage that holds substantial weight. Taking steps to ensure you have removed your most overbearing temptations from your environment is such an easy thing to do and you’ll find it vastly improves that self-discipline of yours.

So, whether it’s those multi-packs of crisps that are stashed in your cupboards, or the smartphone by your bed at night if you take the temptation away, it becomes easier to avoid and overcome.

In fact, switching off social media notifications when you’re working, socializing or in bed is a productive move to make. This is a distraction-reducing move to have in mind, leaving you to have increased focus and a boosted chance of realizing your goals.

Create Goals and Know How to Accomplish Them

Creating goals, being clear and concise and have an execution plan is paramount if you have your eyes on realizing true self-discipline. If you have something to reach for then it makes everything worthwhile and reduces health risks, a Clinical Gerontologist study found.

Setting up a plan which effectively outlines each step you need to take so that you can obtain your goal, whatever that may be, is vital. It might sound a bit odd, but creating a mantra that will help with your focus is something many massively successful people do. Try it!

Form Your Own Self-Discipline to Succeed

Self-discipline is learned behavior, so, sadly we are not born with it, otherwise, we’d all be like ants and the planet would be populated by the most disciplined humans imaginable! Therefore, you must apply yourself to create your own self-discipline which needs practice and repetition. Reaping the rewards of hard-earned, but well-established self-discipline is priceless!

Have Incentives for Yourself

Your own well-being is your first and foremost drive in life, as per a Harvard Health Publishing article. After this, you should allow yourself something to look forward to and enjoy via reward-planning once you have completed the goals you’ve set.

Similarly to how you would have been rewarded for certain behaviors when you were a child, knowing there’s an incentive at the end of your goal fills you with the added motivation to achieve.

Let the anticipation be strong in you. This way, you’ve got yourself some to fixate on and center yourself around; think of it as a positive distraction on the road to self-discipline success.

Don’t Punish Yourself if you Relapse

Nobody is perfect, and there’s every chance that the road to complete self-discipline will be lined with a few blips. The main thing here is not to beat yourself up if you do have a slip up.

If you make a mistake, be aware of it, take note on what brought this on and move past it. If you allow your emotions to get the better of you, it will consume you and hold you back even more from reaching your target. Simply refocus, and move forward.

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