Sharp Objects Review: Sharp but Not Enough

I wanted to wait a few days before I wrote a review to the HBO’s eight episode run of Sharp Objects. The reason I wanted to wait is because I found the series angered me and let me down, and I wanted to give it a few days to see if my anger and disappointment went away. It did not.

The story of Sharp Objects is a complex and sad tale about a reporter going back to her home town to chase the story of two murdered girls and face her own demons. Amy Adams makes her first major role on the small screen as she portrays reporter Camille Preacher. Adams portrays the character tragically and brilliantly. Camille Preacher returns to Wind Gap, Missouri to her family home where she starts having flashbacks of her dead sister who passed away when she was younger. The Preacher family is one of the wealthiest families in Wind Gap as they run a pig slaughterhouse that a lot of the towns people are employed.

If your looking for an action filled series that gives woman a positive disposition this series isn’t for you. The series is slow with most of the characters just sitting around drinking alcohol and wishing they could get out of the him drum of small-town life. As the series plays out viewers will forget that there watching a criminal mystery and watching a love hate relationship play out between Camille Preacher and her mom, Adora Crelin(played beautifully by Patricia Clarkson) the matriarch of the Preacher clan. Adora is not a likeable character and some of the dialogue she speaks will make some viewers how she is even allowed to be walking the streets.

The eight- episode run would have worked perfectly if other characters within the story could breath, but the story falls short when this does not happen. Of course, Amy Adams gets the mot screen time but when you realize that the character is not going to step up and do something about the way she is treated and the way her mother speaks to her I felt the story was failing.

The director Jean-Marc Valle does an amazing job filming rich women on the California coast (Big Little Lies) but fails to bring the heart of a small town and can only show alcoholics and sweat stains when it come to this story. Sharp Objects would have worked a lot better if it was made into a four hour movie instead of a stretched out eight episode run with the only highlight being the big reveal to who the killer really is which was a good pay-off.




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