Rumors That Stranger Things Was Coming To An End Prove False!

Phew! That was a real scare!  Fans of the hit Netflix Original series “Stranger Things” were freaking out over some choice phrasing, a new hair style and some tears being shed thinking that their beloved series would be coming to an end!

Rest assured fans, “Stranger Things” has no plans on concluding anytime soon!

The rumors all began when “Stranger Things” actor Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, posted an Instagram photo of himself sporting a new hair color. Fans began speculating that this could possibly mean that he was moving onto other projects and with zero verification many websites began posting that the series was coming to an end.

Talk about getting ahead of themselves!  Adding more fuel to the rumors was an Instagram post from actress Millie Bobby Brown, who play Eleven, saying “That’s a wrap!” with a story that contained images of her with tears in her eyes at the end of filming for season three.  This is what further led fans to believe that the series was truly coming to an end and led to fans being deeply troubled by the news.

Everyone forgot the fact that the series creators have always expressed plans for a fourth season and that there may in fact even be a fifth season in the works! Millie Bobby Brown took matters into her own hands to dispel the rumors and during a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert she set the record straight!

She reassured fans that her “That’s a wrap!” Insta story was nothing more than saying goodbye to her castmates and crew during the filming for season three!  That’s all, nothing more!

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