Jason Momoa Reveals His Favorite Moment In Aquaman Suit And How His Dreams Are Coming True

As we all know the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary film “Aquaman” will be hitting theaters this weekend and it is surely going to be a box office smash. The film is nothing short of stunning and after checking out an early screening we can say with certainty that fans will be delighted.

It is about time that Aquaman got his time in the spotlight and the film that James Wan and the rest of the cast and crew have created does the character due justice. No one will be poking fun at this Aquaman!

We had a chance to catch up with “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa during his recent press day in NYC and when revealing his favorite moment after putting on the Aquaman suit Mamoa tells us,

“The best part of wearing the suit … my first experience was really beautiful, and I’ve never told James [Wan] this, but I put it on and I didn’t have a mirror, so I put it one in my wardrobe and I get to see his face and reaction. He’s always passionate and he let’s you know how he feels right away, so the absolute joy on his face said it all. He was like a kid when he beamed, he was like ‘I did it. He looks amazing!’

He was super proud and he didn’t say anything, but I could see it on his face. It was really beautiful moment and the second moment was when I Facetimed my kids and they were in awe! I even took a picture of their reactions! They were blown away!”

When talking about how he best relates to the character and how personal the role was to him, as he grew up in two worlds being born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa Momoa reveals,

“We’re actors, so it’s not really necessary, but I was able to relate as someone being from two different cultures and each one of those cultures don’t know about the other one. Hawaiians really don’t know anything about Iowa and Iowans really don’t know anything about Hawaii, so that was something I could draw upon. I was accepted but it was hard sometimes.

Another thing that helped me a lot was being raised by single parent and I think a lot of kids now can relate to that, I had just me and my mother my whole life. I can play that in the film as me and my father being so close and me running very far away only to eventually come back to my roots. Those are definitely relatable things.”

Momoa also revealed that he studied marine biology in Iowa drawing further comparisons between himself and the character. He says,

“Surprisingly, they had this campus in the middle of Des Moines, and it was all aquatics — sharks, eels, and so on. I really love the ocean, being an islander. It’s something that absolutely scares me, yet draws me in. It’s calming. It’s always evolving. It’s always moving. Like fire, you can just stare at it. The mind’s constantly entertained by it. You can get lost in it.”

In the film Momoa underscores his character’s relatability by deftly masking Arthur’s vulnerabilities and playing up his tough, sarcastic side, bringing his unique brand of humor to this new kind of DC superhero. Momoa comments,

“The script had this beautiful origin story that follows a child as he gets his powers, and ultimately goes on a man’s journey to becoming a king. But there was definitely a lighter side to him throughout, even as he goes in and fights for his life in James’s incredibly cool underwater galaxy war.”

Aquaman, a character was first introduced to comic book readers back in 1941 and the story that is told in this film, which was written by Wan and executive producer Geoff James was largely inspired by the Aquaman comic “The New 52, a 2011 series in which DC launched its Super Hero line.

Family is one of the most important aspects of the film. Aquaman inherits his powers from his mother and his humanity from his father, two people who came from different worlds and fell in love despite all odds. He is the product of that love … and growing up after they were torn apart leaves him wondering just where he fits in.

Wan and Momoa seek to deliver a big screen take on the iconic DC Super hero that honors that comic book roots, but is also a reinvention of today’s movie audiences, living in today’s world and they certainly succeed.

To conclude, Momoa talks about the world that Wan has built and his dreams saying,

“The world that James has built is not only beautiful, but terrifying, and all … unknown. There aren’t too many movies I’ve been in where kids get to watch, so I’m excited to sit down with my own children and watch this one. That will be a trip! It was cool to be a part of it. Yeah, all the dreams are coming true.”

“Aquaman” will be opening Friday, December 21st in 2D, RealD 3D and IMAX in select theaters nationwide.

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