Pop! Pop! Ep. 30 – Bandersnatch & Into the Spider-Verse

The last podcast before the new year! Huzzah! 2018 was one short year for the Pop! Pop! crew, but the LA Nerd and Taylor are here for your end of the year listening pleasure.

The guys dive into an end of the year trailer breakdown with some last minute movies sneaking their trailers in under the wire. Hellboy has been highly anticipated and highly secretive since it was announced; does the trailer meet expectations? Does Joel talk mad shit about it? Then, the MIB franchise gets new life with the trailer for MIB: International! Both the guys were huge MIB fans as children, so how critical are they of the trailer? Finally, Jordan Peele is a creative genius and we all know this, so of course the trailer for his new film Us gets a viewing as well.

2018 was an enormous year for Spider-Man and his fans, and the biggest win for ‘ole Webhead & Co. was the release of https://www.ageofthenerd.com/tag/spider-man-into-the-spider-verseSpider-Man: Into the Spider-verse! With the success of Homecoming and the amazing storyline in Spider-Man PS4 it seems like a lifetime ago that fans were plagued with Spider-Man 3, so how does Spider-verse compare? Do we have to forget this film like Peter Parker’s emo dance moves, or will we remember this as one of the most important Spider-Man films in history?

Finally, Netflix has tried something daring with their new Black Mirror film, Bandersnatch. A choose your own adventure style movie to kick your nostalgia right in the ass! This one got mixed reviews from the boys, so hit the jump quick to find out their thoughts!

All this and more on this week’s episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast!

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