Riveting Teaser Scene for Impuratus is Stunning Film Audiences

Jody Quigley truly embodies the suspenseful characters that he portrays, and as a result, his latest horror movie, Impuratusis no exception. In fact, he spent hours in a make-up chair where an expert make-up artist worked to turn him into a 90-year old man.

The 38-year-old actor, best known for the suspense thriller, Apparition, portrays two stages in the life of Daniel Glassman in Impuratus; a young Civil War soldier, and a much older version of the man on his deathbed grappling with demons.

The stunning Teaser/Promo/Scene for Impuratus — an actual scene from the movie — complete with haunting music and special effects, has already won more than 20 festival awards around the world.

Now, the producers are seeking to attain the funding needed for a green light on the production. With expert writing, a talented cast, high production values, and many twists and turns, Impuratus clearly leaves us wanting more…

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Impuratus boasts a seasoned cast including, Dee Wallace (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial), Lili Bordan, (The Book Club), and John Savage, (Summer of Sam).

“This is a special kind of script, because of the challenge of playing a man my age and a guy in his 90’s,” Jody explains. “The movie jumps time from the Civil War, an era you don’t see on film that often, to the 1920s. It is a ghostly experience!”

For Jody, this movie has elements of suspense that goes way beyond what audiences have come to expect from a thriller. “A lot of the movies today are slasher films that are all about blood and guts,” he explains. “This is a thriller that deals with ghosts, and because it is more realistic, it will definitely keep you on the edge-of-your-seat.” From the moment that Jody first read Michael Yurinko’s script for Impuratus, he was mesmerized because he says that it is not a “cookie cutter” thriller.

“The 1920’s setting for this movie and seeing this guy being possessed from the war is a totally different world than we have seen before. There is nothing you will recognize, so it will make the audience pay attention a little more in regard to the setting. This is a unique journey filled with harrowing questions.”

Yurinko, of Screengage, wrote the script and also directed the Teaser/Promo/Scene. His specialty is award-winning screenplays in the drama and horror genres.

Yurinko made his first short film in 1991, about a serial killer on death row. Instead of attending film school, he has continued writing dramas and horror movies with scripts that have won many awards. After making Entity, a small-budget horror movie, he wrote Impuratus. 

Where did he get the idea to write Impuratus? “The first spark of the idea, the inspiration to begin the process, for Impuratus came from a barn that I saw while I was driving in small-town rural Lower Nazareth, Pennsylvania,” recalls Yurinko.

“This run-down shed was so dilapidated and creepy – and I thought, wouldn’t it make an amazing site of a horror film, with someone possessed and chained up in there because the family couldn’t deal with her. Soon after, I began figuring out how to structure it.”

Yurinko said that Jody gave a stunning performance. “Jody seems to be quiet, modest and unassuming.  “I gave Jody a brief physical direction and he came to work fully prepared. He doesn’t waste anyone’s time,” Yurinko says. “Jody is the best actor I have ever worked with. I can’t wait to make this movie with him, and see what he hands me. All of his choices, including the Pennsylvania Dutch accent, were spot on.”

The writer-director says his movie has always been “a back to the basics horror film,” which audiences will appreciate. “Unfortunately, so many thrillers and horror movies coming out these days, are just not scary. The Conjuring was the most recent horror movie that I enjoyed because it ticked off all the boxes for me.”

He added that Impuratus, “has no jump scares or cheap tricks, it’s a character study, and a spiritual attack – with sensibilities of The Exorcist, with good versus evil and basic primeval sensibilities. It’s not a flash in the pan kind of thing, it evolves, sucks you in and you become part of the movie.”

Yurinko believes that the movie will attract both hardcore and casual horror fans because it based on solid drama. “I feel it is a bit like Amadeus meets the haunting undertones of The Exorcist. My goal is to write something fresh and original rather than remake Friday the 13th.

Yurinko added that when he “first presented the project to Guy Quigley, under the then title “Impure” he was quick to react and offer suggestions. “Guy advised me that there were seven Impure titles on IMDb. He suggested Impuratus, being Latin for Impure,” and not on IMDb.

“Guy also advised me that one critical scene was loaded with too much testosterone and lacking in estrogen,” explains Yurinko. “So I exchanged a priest for a nursing sister which added to the intensity of the scene. Guy threw in some Latin dialogue which I used and he then called his friend Lili Bordan, a great actress, and introduced her to the part. Lili loved it and came on board.”

When Bordan read the script for Impuratus she was intrigued from the first page.

“I found the script to be a very interesting supernatural thriller.” In fact, she was so riveted she quickly agreed to play the part of the nun.

“The character of the nun in Impuratus represents strength in faith in the face of evil. I often see priests in films that involve this struggle, but rarely a woman,” she said. “I was rooting for the nun while reading the script and hope that I can bring some redemption to this character.”

Bordan, who thoroughly enjoyed working on the thriller Apparition, calls getting the role in Impuratus a real gift because of the material and the opportunity to work with Jody and Guy Quigley again.

“I find Jody to be an extremely dedicated and professional actor. Jody definitely deserved the acclaim and awards that he garnered for Apparition. Guy Quigley chooses interesting subjects, mostly in the realm of horror and the supernatural. The Quigley family definitely takes great care of their actors, which goes a long way.”

This accomplishment actress sees the teaser/promo/scene, “as beautifully crafted. This sample makes me want to see the rest of the film, which I am sure will be shot in similar scope and quality.”

 Yurinko and Guy Quigley, (Jody’s father), who has razor-sharp business acumen, make a perfect team, and both agree that they complement one another to the benefit of the movie.

Guy Quigley, of Thundersmoke Films, who was the driving force behind the award-winning movie Apparition, is the producer of Impuratus. He also was the executive producer of the Twilight spoof Breaking Wind, In the Bag, Wicked Blood and Magic Boys.

This project Guy Quigley says started with Yurinko’s well-written script, and he was attracted to the fact that it is “a period piece within a period piece” circa 1920 and it goes back in time to the Civil War. I was speaking to Dee Wallace and she told me that Impuratus is one of the best scripts she has ever read.”

For Guy Quigley, the screenplay for Impuratus, “is better than all of the paranormal movies out there. I love this movie so much it could be a franchise. I am already thinking about a sequel. It’s just a matter of raising the money and it’s a done deal.”

Not only does Impuratus have a unique Teaser/Promo, lifted expertly by Yurinko from his script that will become a spellbinding movie, it is also clearly a family affair with Jody as one of the leading men, and Julia McCarty, his 11-year-old granddaughter playing the little girl in the shed. With all of the steam and smog swirling around the location, initially, young Julia had problems yelling at just the right harrowing pitch, but she clearly came through.

There are many aspects of the project that Jody appreciatesespecially the high-quality production values from cinematographer Carmen Cabana and the rest of the team.

For example, Jody went to L.A. to work with makeup artist Angie Davis, of Goldie Starling Makeup, who specializes in social media and production.

“I was sitting in the facial cast with putty on my face for two hours, and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody,” says Jody. “You can’t sneeze or scratch your face, so you have to get in your Zen mode. But Angie’s work is worth all of the effort; the scars are truly amazing.”

Davis enjoyed making the “lifecast” for Jody to have it ready for when Impuratus goes into pre-production and she starts making the prosthetics.

“Jody was extremely easy to work with which is essential to the makeup process,” Davis explains. “I am really looking forward to working on the movie. The story is a nail-biter that will draw in the audience. So speaking from a makeup standpoint there is a lot of potential for really cool practical effects. I’m very happy to see that the Teaser/Promo was done so well. The story is there and ready to be made.”

For Jody, the fact that the Teaser/Promo has won so many awards before it has been turned into a full-length feature film, “means we are on a good path.”

This initial success, he said, “speaks to the success of the project. If we can take five minutes and win that much recognition, and then go on and do another 90 minutes that are solid, I know that we will have something great on our hands.”







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